Trump Makes Major Offer To End Shutdown, Democrats IMMEDIATELY Respond. Here’s What We Know…

President Trump took a leadership role on Saturday to offer up an olive branch to Democrats in order to resolve the humanitarian crisis at the border, enhance border security and move toward ending the ongoing government shutdown.

Speaking from the White House, the president laid out his plan to break the stalemate, protect migrant women and children from exploitation and offer relief to the DACA immigrants who have become little more than political bargaining steps for cynical Democrats.

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Striking a conciliatory and completely reasonable pose, Trump laid out the facts devoid of the emotion that the Resistance uses for fuel and like the successful businessman that he is, used his skills honed in private industry to fix our broken government.

It was short and sweet and shows that the POTUS is the type of problem solver that just doesn’t exist in the great D.C. swamp.

Via The Hill, “Trump pitches new plan to reopen government amid Dem pushback”:

President Trump on Saturday pitched linking funding for the border wall with temporary protections for some undocumented immigrants as a pathway out of the weeks-long partial shutdown, but quickly ran into pushback from Democrats.

Trump, who made his offer during a televised speech from the White House, floated extending protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients for three years and a three-year extension of protected status for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders in exchange for more than $5 billion for a border wall.

“Both sides in Washington must simply come together, listen to each other, put down their armor, build trust, reach across the aisle and find solutions,” Trump said.

Trump added that he was making his pitch to “break the logjam” that has paralyzed Washington since late December.

Here was President Trump’s main offer:

Here are other highlights:

Trump didn’t have to wait very long for a response to his generous offer to Democrats to end the government shutdown, pay the tens of thousands of furloughed workers and work to resolve the plight of the DACA DREAMERs.

In fact, the president hadn’t even opened his mouth before he got his answer from Chuck and Nancy: HELL NO!

VOTE NOW: Should Trump close down the Southern Border FOR GOOD?

Via Axios, “Democrats dismiss Trump shutdown offer”:

As first reported by Axios, Trump was expected to make two offers to Democrats in exchange for $5.7 billion in funds for a border wall: Extend DACA protections for Dreamers, who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, and extend the legal status of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders. Half an hour before the speech, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement: “Unfortunately, initial reports make clear that his proposal is a compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable and in total, do not represent a good faith effort to restore certainty to people’s lives.”

Still furious over having her junket canceled by Trump, Pelosi quickly issued a statement in advance of the president’s speech.

As did Senator Dick Durbin who is the same Democrat who once compared American troops to Nazis:

The Democrats’ immediate refusal to even consider a deal once again shows how unreasonable that those who have been afflicted with terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome are and offers up a preview of the next two years of temper tantrums all because they lost the 2016 election.

America deserves better!

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