Trump LEVELS Dems For Vacationing, Refusing To Make A Deal On Wall; ‘Dems In Puerto Rico…’

President Donald Trump leveled Democrats for vacationing in Puerto Rico over the weekend.

The president has been on Twitter the past few days railing against Democrats for traveling to a retreat in Puerto Rico while he’s sitting at the White House waiting to negotiate a deal.

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“I’ve been waiting all weekend. Democrats must get to work now. Border must be secured!” Trump wrote on Monday.

“Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck can end the Shutdown in 15 minutes. At this point it has become their, and the Democrats, fault!” he wrote in a second tweet.

In a third tweet, Trump slammed Democrats for skipping town during the shutdown: “Dems in Puerto Rico as Shutdown hits day 24.”

As the partial government has surpassed three weeks, Democratic lawmakers have made it clear they do not care about reopening the government.

As noted by I Love My Freedom, more than 30 Democrats and 109 lobbyists and corporate executives went to Puerto Rico for the weekend to vacation and enjoy a luxurious retreat.

Democratic lawmakers are taking fancy charter flights to their luxury resort, where they will also be seeing the Broadway show Hamilton and attending at least three parties.

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The retreat in San Juan is hosted by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC, where “key officials” will reportedly discuss “clean-up” options after Hurricane Maria at a round table Saturday.

The seaside resort where the event is taking place is so nice that rooms go for $429 a night and all food and drinks are being provided.

The memo also informed everyone that the weather will be a perfect 80 degrees and that the dress code is “resort casual.”

Democrats partying it up and enjoying a swanky vacation comes as the part of the federal government has been shutdown for nearly three weeks.

Last month, House Republicans voted 217-185 to approve a measure that would keep the government open and allocate $5.7 billion for border wall funding.

The bill is now waiting a full vote in the Senate, where top Democrats are refusing to even negotiate a deal to provide funding for border security.

Recent polling also spells bad news for Democrats and indicates that combating illegal immigration and protecting America’s border is a top priority.

The first immigration poll of 2019 indicates that a vast majority of Americans agree with Trump on securing the border and building a wall to combating illegal immigration and drugs from pouring into the country.

According to a new Economist/YouGov survey, 93 percent of Americans say illegal immigration is a problem.

While Democrats have refused to strike a deal to reopen the government and fund the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, it appears an overwhelming majority agrees with Trump on the immediate need to secure the border.

Trump has also threatened to declare a national emergency and have the military build the wall.

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