Trump just called Elizabeth Warren THIS controversial name and liberals are losing their minds!

One of the BEST things about Donald Trump is that he’s not politically correct. He will say pretty much anything and NEVER apologize for it.

Well, this latest comment is another dousy that is already causing a major stir with liberals. They are probably SO “offended”!

Remember how Elizabeth Warren lied about being Native American because she has “high cheek bones”? We all do, and Trump let her have it!

From the Boston Globe:

The feud between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren is surfacing yet again.

In an interview with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, the presumptive GOP nominee called Warren “Pocahontas” when asked about their ongoing public rancor.

Dowd wrote that when she “asked if he had been chided by any Republicans for his Twitter feud with Elizabeth Warren, he replied, ‘You mean Pocahontas?’”

Trump’s insult focused on her unsubstantiated claims of Native American ancestry.

It’s the latest in the war of words between the real estate mogul and the US senator from Massachusetts, which seemed to kick off in March when Warren called Trump “a loser” on Facebook. The two recently went at it on May 6, and then picked up where they left off on May 11.

On Twitter, Trump called Warren a “flunky” and debuted a new nickname for her: “Goofy Elizabeth Warren.” During the digital debate, Warren called Trump “a bully” who “spews insults and lies.” He called her a “fraud” who is “weak and ineffective” and “not Native American.”

The digital clash seems to benefit both politicians: Trump tosses red meat to his base by going after a politician that many on the right love to hate. And Warren raises her national profile as an able 2016 surrogate able to hold her own against the top Republican.

Our man Mr. Trump, always stirring the pot! However I must say, it’s SO fun to watch!

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