Trump Has Honored His Promise To Veterans In A BIG Way

The President promised change for America’s veterans, and he has absolutely delivered on that promise.

The proof?

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If you’ve been a negligent or under-performing employee working for Veterans in the health field, it’s likely that Trump has already told you, “You’re Fired.”

That’s right, and the number of pink slips has already surpassed 8,000, according to United States Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert Wilkie.

And although the Fake News Media has done horrendous damage to the president regarding his methods, no one can argue with the results, revealed by Secretary Wilkie himself at a briefing given on Saturday:

“We have, in the last year, achieved the highest patient satisfaction rates in VA’s history, sitting somewhere at about 89.7 percent.”

Are you kidding me?

We knew that Trump was a master businessman, but is it even possible that 9 out of 10 people are now perfectly happy with a system that was so sloppy, and so slandered just two years ago?

So how did Trump pull it off?

USA Today reported on the executive order that Trump put into effect in 2017:

Trump established the whistleblower protection office by executive order in April 2017 and signed a law making it permanent two months later. “We are sending a strong message: Those who fail our veterans will be held, for the first time, accountable,” Trump said at the time. And for employees who expose wrongdoing, “we will make sure that they’re protected.”

The office went through a succession of leaders as it received thousands of reports of potential wrongdoing at the agency, which employs 350,000 and includes more than 1,200 medical and other facilities across the country.

And although USA Today and others were frantically looking for ways to call Trump’s order a failure, it has now paid off in a huge way.

But how could it have failed?

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This is a system that, since implementation, receives over 150 whistleblower complaints per month because there was so much mismanagement, laziness, and apathy.

And even before the hiring of the newest VA Secretary, there had already been 2,000 submissions of wrongdoing which resulted in actions taken against more than 54 senior-level employees.

And that was before the old guy was fired, and the new guy was hired!

Trump’s current VA Secretary, Robert Wilkie, came highly recommended by previous Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and it appears as though the recommendation paid off.

From Breibart:

Wilkie said it was an “honor” to serve in President Trump’s administration, praising him for putting veterans’ care at the top of his priority list.

“There has never been a President who has given this much attention to America’s veterans or allowed for more transformation to go on in the lives of veterans in this department than this President has,” he said.

So what was it that prompted the president to enact the law in the first place?

From the Epoch Times:

The issue ignited in 2014 when Army veteran Barry Coates told the House Veterans Affairs Committee that the “gross negligence” and “crippling backlog” at the VA handed him a “death sentence” and “ruined the quality” of his life. He died in January 2016 of cancer that went undetected by VA doctors for almost a year.

He became the face of what would become a larger scandal, when the same year, some 18 vets who were put on a secret waitlist at a Phoenix VA died while waiting for appointments. That’s in addition to another 17 cases that were under investigation at the same hospital.

And boy, oh boy, have there been a lot of amazing changing to the VA system,  in addition to the firings of incompetent employees.

You can see some of the major changes from some excerpts from a transcript of the briefing given by Secretary Wilkie on Saturday:

Excerpt #1:

We have, in the last year, achieved the highest patient satisfaction rates in VA’s history, sitting somewhere at about 89.7 percent.

Excerpt #2:

We finally give veterans the option of going into the private sector, if VA cannot provide them the healthcare that they need, or they live too far away from a VA Health Center that would not be conducive to their needs or their family’s needs.

Excerpt #3:

America’s veterans now have access to urgent care.

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Excerpt #4:

Next year, we will be launching the electronic health record.  For the first time, anyone who enters the military through a military entrance processing station will have an electronic health record that will be accessible to VA once that young American leaves the service.  For the first time, we will prevent people, like my father, after 30 years of military service, from carting around an 800-page paper record, and we will have an entire history of that veteran’s service stateside, in war, and overseas. The other things that we have been doing: We have reformed our supply chain; we entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Defense to finally computerize and nationalize VA supply chain.  So we will no longer have stories about doctors at DCVA running across the street to MedStar to get equipment that they should have had to begin with.

Excerpt #5:

On the opioid front, we have not been immune to the crisis that has impacted the United States.  But in the last year and a half, we have reduced the number of opioid prescriptions at VA by 51 percent.  We have offered, for the first time, alternative therapies that, in my father’s day, would have been anathema to the ethos.  We now tell soldiers: Come in and try acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, music therapy.  We’re getting at the sources of the pain rather than treating the brain as we have with traditional opioid therapies.

And the best one yet…

Excerpt #6:

In this President’s term, we have we have relieved over 8,000 employees of their duty at VA. The standard is, if you don’t live up to your oath, if you don’t live up to the standards that our veterans expect, that you will be asked to leave.

This is a transformational moment in our history.  We have relieved people as high as network directors to people at the other end of our employee chain.

After the scandals of Phoenix, the scandals of 2014 and 2015, this is, I think, one of the strongest statements that we can make: that it is a new day at VA.

Even if the only thing that Trump had done was the firing or letting go of so many potentially corrupt, inept, and unqualified people at the VA, it would have still been more than any other president has done for our veterans, and that is huge.

The truth is that he promised to fix the VA, and he is still delivering on that promise.

Thank you, President Trump, for all you’ve done, and what you’re yet to do!

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