Trump Has Brutal Message For Illegal Aliens Complaining About Conditions At Detention Centers

President Donald Trump has a brutal message for illegal aliens who have complained about the conditions at migrant detention facilities.

The president took to Twitter on Wednesday to address the growing controversy over conditions at migrant detention centers.

Trump’s message was brutally simple and spot on: if illegal aliens don’t like the conditions at detention centers, stop coming to the U.S. seeking asylum.

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“If Illegal Immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted detentions centers, just tell them not to come. All problems solved!” Trump wrote.

“Our Border Patrol people are not hospital workers, doctors or nurses. The Democrats bad Immigration Laws, which could be easily fixed, are the problem. Great job by Border Patrol, above and beyond,” he said in another tweet.

“Many of these illegals aliens are living far better now than where they came from, and in far safer conditions. No matter how good things actually look, even if perfect, the Democrat visitors will act shocked & aghast at how terrible things are. Just Pols,” the president continued. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

“If they really want to fix them, change the Immigration Laws and Loopholes,” he concluded. “So easy to do!”

With several migrant caravans crashing into the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months, Trump has been forced to take serious actions.

Last month, the president ordered the Department of Defense to send thousands of additional American troops to the southern border over the next two months to help assist border patrol with the migrant crisis.

Defense Department officials reportedly said the White House wants 9,000 to 10,000 more U.S. forces heading to the border over the next few months.

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The fragmentary order, or FRAGO, is a collection of documents used by U.S. military planners that add new plans to an existing mission or when there is a change from a previous order.

In this case, there are already around 2,300 U.S. troops helping border patrol with the migrant crisis.

It was also reported that Trump is considering releasing detained migrants into Democratic-controlled sanctuary cities.

Adding more humor to the entire thing, the White House wants to several of the migrants to be released into Democratic-controlled sanctuary cities — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco, California.

A few officials in President Trump’s administration actually spoke with officials at the Department of Homeland Security about the idea.

Given Democrats continue to fight for illegal aliens, Trump was savagely just giving liberals what they want.

Trump is trying to secure the border, and he is not going to be happy if establishment Republicans try to stop him.

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