Trump Fires Back At CNN Panelist Who Claimed He’s ‘Radicalized More People Than ISIS’

President Donald Trump fired back on Monday at a CNN panelist who claimed the president has “radicalized so many more people than ISIS.”

During an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Trump was asked about the salacious comments made by GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe while she was on CNN.

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When Ingraham brought up the disgusting comments, Trump responded that Ioffe must be a sick woman.

“The phrase ‘enemy of the people,’ another phrase that’s been seized upon by many in the media, many on CNN, but not just CNN. There was a woman who was just on CNN a short while ago saying that you have radicalized more people than ISIS. That was CNN today,” Ingraham stated.

“Well that must be some kind of a sick woman. When I say the enemy of the people, I’m talking about the fake news and you know it better than anybody. You have news out there that’s so fake and I can do the greatest thing ever,” Trump responded.

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On Monday, Ioffe appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” with host Jake Tapper.

During a panel discussion, Ioffe claimed that Trump has “radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.”

Ioffe — who was fired from Politico late last year after she tweeted that Trump was “f***ing his daughter,” referring to Ivanka Trump — was blaming the tragic Pittsburgh synagogue shooting over the weekend on Trump and conservative media.

Here’s her full quote:

“I think this president, one of the things that he really launched his presidential run on is talking about Islamic radicalization. And this president has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did. I mean, the way he talks, the way he — the way he —”

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“That is, it’s unconscionable for you to say that,” pro-Trump commentator David Urban said, looking toward Tapper and asking him to push back on her claim.

“The way that he talks, the way that he allows these — the way he winks and nods to these groups,” Ioffe continued. “The way he says, ‘I know I’m not supposed to say it, but I’m a nationalist.’ The way that he hems and haws when he has to condemn these people, gritting his teeth says, says ‘fine, OK, I condemn this.'”

“Jake, for you not to push back on that — for her to say the president of the United States has radicalized more people than ISIS is irresponsible,” Urban asserted.

Tapper said nothing, and allowed Ioffe to make the outrageous and demonstrably false comments without any push back.

“ISIS has like 10,000 members,” Ioffe added. “I think the president has far more supporters who espouse an equally hateful ideology.”

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Ioffe was apparently arguing that the more than 63,000,000 Americans who voted for and support Trump “espouse” a “hateful ideology.”

Later on Monday night, Ioffe apologized for her comments, but the damage had already been done. This is why so many Americans loathe the media, particularly CNN.

VOTER POLL: Do You Blame The MEDIA or TRUMP for the recent political violence?