Trump Explains Key Details About His Tax Proposal On 60 Minutes

The information reveled in this interview with the details about Trumps tax proposal will

surely put Trump over the top and give him a sure will for the Republican Party.

Scott Pelley interviews Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump,

who lays out key policy details and reveals a major part of his tax proposal.

Trump on 60 minutes

The following script is from “Trump” which aired on September 27, 2015. Scott Pelley is the correspondent.

Picture a bar graph that averages the best political polls. Donald Trump stands above the crowded skyline of Republican candidates like one of his boastful buildings. First in the nation, first in Iowa, first in New Hampshire, and first, for the last 11 weeks. Political architects are amazed because Trump rose on a shaky foundation, his “shoot from the lip” style managed to offend women, Latinos, and American POWs. Now, with summer over, and four months to Iowa, voters captivated by a larger than life personality begin to want the fine details. That’s what we were looking for, this past Tuesday, when we met Trump, on top, in his Fifth Avenue penthouse in Manhattan. He surprised us with news about his tax plan.

Scott Pelley: So, now you’ve got everybody’s attention.

Donald Trump: I do have their attention.

Scott Pelley: Revolution is easy, governing is hard and what I’d like to get to is how you intend to govern the country if you are elected president. What’s your tax plan?

Donald Trump: It’s a substantial reduction for the middle-income people. Because our middle class, Scott, is being absolutely decimated. It will be a corporate also reduction, I think it’ll be a great incentive for corporations.

Scott Pelley: Who are you going to raise taxes on?

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