Trump: Dream Come True If Elizabeth Warren Runs for President in 2020

Trump hits a home run interview on Fox New last night.

It’s nice to see President Trump relaxed in this type of setting and talk from the heart.

As reported by Breitbart: President Donald Trump said in an interview Saturday night that he would happily challenge Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in 2020, calling that scenario “a dream come true.”

“I think she would lose so badly,” Trump told Fox News’ Jesse Watters. “She hurt Hillary Clinton very badly” in the 2016 presidential election, the president stated.

Warren, who has captured the hearts of progressives, was a high-profile campaign surrogate for Clinton during the 2016 election and appeared side-by-side with Clinton in battleground states such as Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

“I watched that last couple weeks, where she was getting up with that craziness and anger,” Trump said of Warren’s final few appearances on the campaign trail. “They are hard. I said, ‘She is bad for Hillary.’”

“Pocahontas would not be proud of her as her representative, believe me,” Trump continued, bringing up a nickname for Warren that he used from time-to-time on the campaign trail.

Watters suggested that Warren would “probably run against” Trump in 2020.

“I hope so,” Trump responded. “That would be a dream come true.”

Warren has attacked Trump on the campaign trail, calling Trump a “nasty, thin-skinned fraud” during the American Constitution Society convention in Washington in June.

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