Trump Brings the Thunder After Biden’s “White Kids” Comment, And He Didn’t Hold Back for A Second

Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving for President Trump.

It’s just gaffe after gaffe after flub after flub.

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45 nailed the wannabe president after his unfortunate “white kids” comment and it was perfect.

From Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump on Friday took aim at former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign flub earlier in the week.

On Thursday, during a campaign speech in Iowa, Biden said “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” before a brief pause. As people started to clap, Biden added: “Wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids. No, I really mean it. But think how we think about it.”


As Trump left the White House for a fundraiser on Friday, he told reporters that “Joe is not playing with a full deck.”

“He made that comment, I said ‘woah,'” Trump continued, according to The Hill.

Trump added of Biden: “This is not somebody you can have as your president, but if he got the nomination I’d be thrilled.”

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Biden doesn’t want a country. He wants lawlessness, just like every other 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful.

From Daily Caller:

Former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he respects “no borders” in a foreign policy speech on Thursday, saying he would work as president to “extend our presence around the globe.”

“I respect no borders, and cannot be contained by any walls,” he said. “As president, I will do more than just restore the historic partnerships.”

Isn’t that just lovely?

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More on Biden, via Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden blasted Republican President Trump on Thursday, as the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination spelled out his vision for a sweeping overhaul of U.S. foreign policy.

In a scathing attack on the incumbent he hopes to boot from the White House, Biden accused Trump of conducting “erratic” and “chest-thumping” foreign policy driven by “Twitter tantrums.”

Biden said the “overarching purpose of our foreign policy I believe must be to defend and advance our security, prosperity and democratic values that the United States stands for. Every president, Democrat and Republican in modern history prior to Donald Trump, has understood and carried out this basic directive.

“Never before has it been so thoroughly abandoned,” Biden claimed during a 45-minute speech at the City University of New York. The address comes as the former veep tries to steady his campaign after a rocky debate performance last month. This has included more TV interviews as well as policy-focused events like his foreign policy address.

Biden is still up to no good.

Go figure, right?

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders wasn’t about to let Uncle Joe get off scot-free with his latest barb, though.

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From Yahoo News:

The White House says Joe Biden’s plan to call President Donald Trump an “existential threat” to the nation is “truly laughable” as the two politicians converge in Iowa on Tuesday.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says she’s not sure whether Trump will respond to the former vice president, whose prepared remarks criticizing Trump were released ahead of his Iowa speech.

Sanders says, “The idea that he would say that the president poses any type of threat is truly laughable considering he was part of the administration that allowed Russia to interfere in our election.”

Sanders says Biden was a key member of an Obama administration that also allowed China to grow and North Korea to test missiles. She says Biden has “got a lot of explaining to do.”

Biden is promising to cure cancer?

From Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden made a bold promise on Tuesday to “cure cancer” if he is elected president in 2020.

At a campaign event in Ottumwa, Iowa, Biden expressed the difficulty one faces with a “loss” of a family member and others attempt to comfort them saying, “‘I know how you feel'” when in reality they have “no idea how I feel,” which is likely in reference to the loss of his son Beau Biden, who died in 2015 from brain cancer.

“That’s why I’ve worked so hard in my career to make sure that… I promise you if I’m elected president, you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” Biden declared.