WOW! Trump has BIG plans for the Convention

For months, Donald Trump has talked about how his wife and children have asked him to be more “presidential.”

His campaign aides, at various points in time, have talked about how he will “tone it down.” At the Republican National Convention, the billionaire is calling on his children to make those predictions come true.

trump family convention
Trump entered the race as an unapologetically harsh candidate, skewering “political correctness” and sparing no insults as he carved through a pack of Republican rivals. But while Trump publicly slashed and burned, his family — particularly his daughter Ivanka — have said the Trump they see in private is more reserved and respectful, someone who gives people of all backgrounds the opportunity to rise. The type of candidate, in other words, who could unify a broader swath of the electorate behind him.
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So far, however, that promise has gone largely unfulfilled. A month into his head-to-head match up with Hillary Clinton, Trump’s public persona is little changed from the primary. Presented with an opportunity to use a softer touch after the ISIL-inspired mass shooting in Orlando, Trump went in the other direction, delivering one of his most fiery performances to date — both in the policies he proposed and the rhetoric he deployed while doing it.

Now, the convention offers Trump, the consummate showman, his best chance at showing his softer side, and his children will be a major part of the effort to do it.

According to a source close to Trump’s circle and briefed on the convention plans, all of Trump’s grown children will be speaking at the convention. Though the plans are still in flux, there will be a clear focus on Ivanka, who may have a Wednesday night speaking slot.

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