Trump backed off on Minimum Age increase for rifles; Now He explains WHY

President Trump revealed Monday — Through a set of Tweets — why he is backing off from raising the federal minimum purchasing age for long-rifles to 21.

The President explains that states will be more involved in the decision, along with “watching court cases and rulings before acting.”

He also points out “not much political support,” for raising the age to 21 as well, alluding to opposition from the NRA.

The NRA has been an extremely vocal opponent to raising the federal minimum age to 21 and have actually opened a lawsuit against the state of Florida for attempting to do so.

Trump’s tweets are a followup to the White House’s announcement of new school safety recommendations following the school shooting horror in Parkland, Florida. The president’s main focus is to obtain federal funding and assistance for arming and training voluntary teachers and staff within schools. Betsy DeVos will form a special board on school safety, in order to research further safety measures.

Mrs. DeVos’ special panel could yet recommend raising the minimum age for guns, however. So pro-second amendment activists aren’t out of the woods quite yet. The president’s tweet notes minimal “political support” for raising the minimum age to 21.

President Trump Tweeted an hour later, reiterating his support for eliminating gun-free school zones. A measure that is welcomed by 2nd Amendment supporters everywhere.

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