TRIGGERED! AOC Plays The Victim Card After The Media Calls Her Out For Renting Luxury Apartment

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently been under fire for renting a rather luxurious apartment even though she is a self identifying socialist. Sounds a little hypocritical, right?

The freshman congresswoman who makes $174,000 a year, has recently rented an apartment in a luxury building in the New Yard neighborhood which has recently been recognized by Forbes as one of the “coolest neighborhoods” to live in.

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According to the Washington Examiner, poor people are not allowed to live in this luxurious apartment.

The freshman congresswoman, a self-described socialist, campaigned on a platform to expand affordable housing, and her controversial Green New Deal proposal promises “Safe, affordable, adequate housing” for all.

But Ocasio-Cortez’s new building — built by leading D.C. developer WC Smith — is part of a luxury complex whose owners specifically do not offer affordable units under Washington, D.C.’s Affordable Dwelling Units program. The Washington Examiner is not naming the building or complex.

In 2018, a civil rights attorney sued the Washington, D.C. government for allegedly discriminatory gentrification policies, claiming that development in Navy Yard area and other parts of southeast D.C. encouraged an influx of affluent “millennial creatives” who displaced minority residents.

Ocasio-Cortez, commonly referred to as “AOC,” repeatedly criticized luxury real estate developers during her campaign, claiming that their buildings hiked up rent prices and pushed low-income residents out of their neighborhoods.

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Pretty hypocritical. For someone who claims to be against hiked up rental prices that push out low-income residents, why is AOC living in one of those exact apartment buildings? Oh yeah. Because under socialism, the rules only apply to the common people, not the ones in power.

AOC wasn’t too happy that she was being called out on her hypocrisy:

“Journalists are sharing stories about where I live the same day it’s shared that myself + others were targeted by a mass shooter,” the New York Democrat tweeted late Wednesday. “All this paired w/ amplifying unvetted conspiracy theories. It’s reckless, irresponsible & puts people directly in danger. This isn’t a game,” she tweeted.

That right there, is what you call a deflection, folks!

AOC completely glossed over the fact that she is living in a luxurious apartment and went directly to talking about a “mass shooter” who didn’t actually shoot anyone at all. She also mentions that there were “conspiracy theories” yet she did nothing to disprove the theories. Instead she rambled about a completely unrelated event.

This is AOC’s rooftop pool where she can sit and ponder about how “evil” the “greedy rich” are who live in their expensive homes.

Not only does AOC live in an upscale apartment building that she has claimed to be against in the past, but she is also using a car that she thinks should be eliminated. All socialists are the same. Bernie Sanders is also a socialist. Sanders, who claims to be against “the greedy rich” just happens to own three houses.

Situations such as this remind us of the good ole socialist motto of, “do as I say, not as I do.”

Let’s vote these corrupt swamp weasels out of office in 2020!

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