TRAGIC: Anti Trumper NFL Player LeSean McCoy Accused Of Felony Assault

Police confirmed Tuesday that the ex-girlfriend of NFL player LeSean McCoy was assaulted during a home invasion in Atlanta, Georgia just hours after brutal photos were posted to the victims Instagram account. Captions posted along with the pictures on social media accused the Buffalo Bills running back of the horrendous act that left her face unrecognizable and bloody.

Reports say that a female was admitted and later released from the ER, while another sustained a minor injury during the attack early Tuesday.

McCoy is denying the serious allegations posted on Instagram that name him as the person responsible for the injuries sustained by his former girlfriend.

CBS News quotes McCoy’s statement

“For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false,”

He also added via his Instagram

“Further more, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months.”

At this time the woman and McCoy’s ex-girlfriend who posted the graphic images have not responded to messages left by The Associated Press, both Instagram accounts reveal the women recently spent time together in London during a music festival, from replies to each other’s posts. The AP generally does not identify people who may have been victims of abuse.

Police cannot confirm at this time how many people are involved but it’s being reported that one of the suspects demanded specific items from one of the women in the home. Police spokesman Charles Barstow said he was unable to give the press further information on the tragic incident.

The Bills issued a statement saying they have been in contact with McCoy and the NFL. Brian McCarthy, an NFL spokesperson, said the league is reviewing the matter.

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