Top Dem Jerry Nadler Pushes RADICAL New Law To Get Trump After He Leaves Office

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is among Dems who are proposing a chilling new law that would extend their vendetta against President Trump until after he leaves office.

Democrats have become even more unhinged following the release of the results of special counsel Robert Mueller’s sweeping investigation that cleared the POTUS of colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

For nearly two solid years, the political left was counting on Mueller to deliver the smoking gun that would allow for them to reverse the election and frog march the president and his family out of the White House in handcuffs.

Following the collapse of their hopes and dreams when Mueller’s bombshell fizzled, House Dems have waged war on Attorney General William Barr, the Justice Department, The Department Of Treasury and the U.S. Constitution itself while at the same time, reinventing the House as an entity that is above the law and fascistic in nature.

Led by Nadler who has a decades-old grudge against Trump from the days when the leader of the free world was a successful real estate developer in his New York district and who Trump had mocked as “Fat Jerry” back before the congressman had lap band surgery, Democrats are reconfiguring the system into something that the founders never envisioned but would have been right at home in the old Soviet Union.

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Driven to fits that Mueller didn’t produce an indictment against Trump, Nadler and fellow Democrats are pushing a Draconian law to pause the statute of limitations during the tenure of a sitting president so as to move him from the White House directly to the jailhouse.

Via The Sun Sentinel, “Democrats push law that would allow Donald Trump to be prosecuted”:

A trio of House Judiciary Committee Democrats, including South Florida’s Ted Deutch, is pushing legislation to pause the statute of limitations while a president is in office.

The No President Is Above the Law Act is aimed at President Donald Trump.

Many Democrats — and hundreds of former federal prosecutors — believe Trump has committed crimes detailed in the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump is shielded from facing criminal charges by a controversial Justice Department policy preventing prosecution of a sitting president but not a former president.

One effect of the policy is that a president who avoids prosecution while in office could escape prosecution altogether because the statute of limitations would have run out by the time the president is out of office. Most federal criminal offenses carry a five-year statute of limitations.

Under the legislation sponsored by Deutch, who represents Broward and Palm Beach counties; Jerry Nadler, the committee chairman from New York; and Eric Swalwell, a committee member from California, the statute of limitations would be paused for any federal offense committed by a sitting president — regardless of whether it was committed before or during the president’s term of office.

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The proposed law once again shows that Democrats have zero respect for the nation’s institutions, longstanding legal principles or elections that they don’t win.

In the minds of the political left, is is perfectly acceptable to do away with the Electoral College, weaponize federal agencies and hijack the nation’s anti-terrorist surveillance system to use against political adversaries.

There is also an alarming authoritarianism within the party that has spilled out into the open, not only with Nadler’s House cohorts threatening to fine Trump officials $25,000 for every day that they fail to submit to their tribunals but resistance leaders are also demanding that people are thrown into jail including AG Barr and most recently, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

This is not the way that things are supposed to work in America and these dangerous extremists must be resoundingly defeated by voters next November to send a message that this is unacceptable.

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