Top Dem Calls On United Nations To Intervene At Border With Migrant Caravan

A top Democrat has upped the ante on the hysterical reaction to the Border Patrol using tear gas to prevent migrants from storming the southern border and is now calling for the United Nations to come to the rescue.

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Rep. Barbara Lee of California decried the “atrocity” of the U.S. attempting to protect the border and issued a plea for the blue helmets to march to the rescue.

Not one to be troubled by the inherent conflict of having the global body override the sovereignty of the nation, Lee and her fellow far-left radicals are advocates for a borderless society, unlimited immigration and untold thousands of loyal Democrat voters that could keep them in power for generations to come.

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And with President Trump prepared to enforce immigration laws, Lee wants foreign boots on the ground at the border and once that precedent has been established, likely acting as an alternative to domestic law enforcement within the country.

Via Newsweek, “Trump Administration Border Response Is ‘Violation Of Human Rights’ And Needs U.N. Inspectors, Congresswoman Argues”:

Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California called for United Nations inspectors to be sent to the U.S.-Mexico border to monitor as American agents fired tear gas at women and children trying to cross.

“The tear-gassing of women and children at the border is an atrocity. It’s a violation of human rights. And it is a grotesque betrayal of our founding promise, as a nation built by immigrants,” Lee tweeted on Monday. “I’ve called for @UN inspectors on the border, and I reiterate that call today.”

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This isn’t the first time that Lee has demanded United Nations intervention.

Back in June when the hysteria was peaking over the separation of the children of illegal immigrants from the irresponsible adults who put them into their dire situation, she accused President Trump of committing human rights abuses and called for the UN to send observers to immigrant detention facilities.

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Rep. Lee did not make any similar requests during the Obama administration when children were similarly separated.

It may be a coincidence but Lee is currently running for a leadership position in the new Democrat-controlled House Of Representatives.

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According to the San Jose Mercury News:

Now a new guard of leftists are looking to Lee as an inspiration. When New York congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned the political establishment by defeating a 12-term incumbent Democrat this summer, she was asked who she supported for speaker of the House.

“Is Barbara Lee available?” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

Still, there are some areas of Lee’s far-left record that could create hurdles for her leadership bid. After Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died in 2016, she told the Bay Area News Group that “we need to stop and pause and mourn his loss.” Those comments resurfaced earlier this year when Lee had to cancel a scheduled appearance campaigning for a Democratic candidate in Miami, where hatred toward the former communist leader — who Lee had met eight times — runs strong in the Cuban-American community.

Lee also has the dubious distinction of being the only member of the entire Congress to refuse to vote for an authorization to use military force in the days following the devastating terrorist attacks on America that took place on September 11, 2001.

In saner times, Lee was relegated to the fringes of her own party. However, now that the lunatics are running the asylum, she is mainstream.

VOTE: Should Trump use military forces to STOP the caravan?