Tom Arnold In Hot Water After Posting Completely Fake Statistic About Gun Owners

Actor Tom Arnold found himself the target of major criticism after posting a completely fake statistic about gun owners. Arnold stated that “80% of gun owners shoot themselves or members of their own families” and that is incorrect.

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The population of America right now is estimated to be 326,766,748. The Washington Post posted an article that suggested there were more guns than people in America, but they were later fact-checked to show their story was not accurate and only half-true.

When it comes to the number of guns in America, “Both the Post and Vox noted an estimate on the high-end — 310 million guns — that was cited in a 2012 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. The report said the estimate was based on U.S. Department of Justice data and was the “total number of firearms available to civilians” as of 2009.

That 310 million count is higher than the U.S. population in 2009 of about 305 million.

But one gun-statistics expert, Philip Cook at Duke University, told the Post that the actual figure then was probably closer to 245 million guns, not 310 million, to take into account circumstances such as guns that break down or are lost or destroyed,” as reported by Politifact.

This is important to Tom Arnold’s statement that 80% of gun owners are shooting themselves or their family members. If there are 245 million guns and each gun has one owner, then that means there are 196 million people shooting someone.

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That number is just an example to show the magnitude of Arnold’s completely fake statistic of which he should be fact-checked faster than a speeding bullet.

Of course, a statement with that amount of absurdity would receive an equal or greater amount of reactions in every direction one can imagine.

“80% of gun owners shoot themselves or members of their own families”

“This is on Ocasio-Cortez level.”

“Tommy wins dumbest tweet of the day award. But, it is nothing special. He wins most days.”

“Fact. 36.80 million legal guns owners were in the woods last week hunting. Not one mass shooting. Pretty much blows your invalid points away”

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“80% of celebrities know 0% of the facts or gun statistics.”

“Congrats to the most easily proven lie on the Internet.”

“If you have the need to embellish facts in order to make your point, then maybe you don’t have a point to make.”

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“I guess if a has been celebrity states it as fact it must be true…smh”

“Wow! Really 8 out of 10 gun owners shoot themselves or their families?”

“Tom, report the source of your information………….as opposed to just blabbing out an unfounded number.”

“80% lololol. More #FakeNews from Hollywood”

“Provide your source on THAT, Tom. Nearly everyone I grew up around owned gun laws and shoots. Not one has ever shot ANYONE. Not one.”

“Dude I live in east Texas and literally every person I know owns many guns, not just one. Nobody I know has ever shot themselves or members of their family. I do know one person who shot himself while cleaning his gun 23 years ago. This is my personal account.”

“I think a big difference with around here though is kids actually take safety lessons for the most part because everyone hunts and safety lessons are required to get a hunting permit now. So people for the most part are taught guns safety from a very young age & are around guns.”

It looks like most people disagree with Arnold and the fake statistic he listed.

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