TIPPED OFF? CNN Reporter Admits He Was Waiting On Scene A FULL HOUR Before Roger Stone Arrest

On Friday morning, CNN producer David Shortell accidentally admitted that he was waiting outside Roger Stone’s house at 5am, an hour before FBI agents and police arrived to arrest the former Donald Trump associate.

As it was reported earlier this morning, Stone was arrested at 6am at his home in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on a seven-count indictment which includes one count of obstruction, five counts of making false statements and one count of witness tampering. (Notice how none of those charges include collusion??)

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On CNN’s morning show ‘New Day”, Shortell told host Alisyn Camerota that “we were here at 5am waiting for whatever was going to happen – it was dark – 6am just after the hour about a half dozen police vehicles with sirens….pulled in front of this Ft. Lauderdale home where Roger Stone lives.”

Proving their true bias, he said it with a huge grin on his face.

As InfoWars points out, Shortell had a bogus answer for why he was at Stone’s home a full hour before the FBI went in for their arrest:

When questioned as to why he was outside Stone’s home over an hour before the arrest when neither Stone or his attorney even knew the raid was coming, Shortell claimed that his “reporter’s instinct” was to thank and that he “thought maybe something was happening” because of “unusual Grand Jury activity in Washington DC yesterday”.

Shortell also revealed that CNN reporters were the only journalists at the house when the arrest was made.

Earlier, former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren tweeted that the “FBI obviously tipped off CNN” before the raid, but later walked it back, claiming anyone could have tipped them off.

Shortell also commented on the heavily armed presence of the FBI agents and police officers involved in the arrest, stating that they were wearing “tactical vests” and carrying “large weapons”.

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Watch this segment below:

One user blasted CNN for their “Reality TV bulls**t”:

Benny Johnson from the Daily Caller had this to say in a series of tweets:

This is a developing story. We will update you with more details soon…

VOTE NOW: Should President Trump pardon Roger Stone?