They Just Won’t Let It Go; CNN Host Compares Trump To Putin

The outrage junkies at CNN just can’t kick the Russian collusion addiction and are showing no signs of letting up despite their discredited hoax that may have been dealt a fatal blow by none other than Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

When Mueller folded the tent on the multi-million dollar, two-year witch hunt with no findings that anybody on President Trump’s campaign team worked with the Kremlin to sabotage Hillary, the Resistance took it hard now that they won’t get to see the duly elected POTUS frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs.

As many Trump haters were driven to despair, the partisan hacks at MSNBC and CNN have continued to hammer the Trump-Putin narrative in a transparently desperate effort to salvage their ratings once the conspiracy theory went pop.

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Both anti-Trump propaganda networks have experienced plummeting ratings after they spent years hyping Mueller only to one day wake up with the proverbial lump of coal in their Christmas stockings and now need to keep pushing lies to retain what remains of their audience.

One of those con artists masquerading as journalists is CNN’s Fareed Zakaria kicked off his Sunday morning appearance by comparing Trump to Russian leader Vladimir Putin – and for good measure, he also vented his frustration at newly reelected Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Via The Daily Caller:

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria delivered an opening statement Sunday that equated President Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Zakaria was attempting to make a larger point about the power of nationalism as a movement and, without denoting a difference between the authoritarian and the legitimately-elected among them, accused all of the leaders he listed of using fear and emotion to create a victim mentality among their supporters.

“The case for nationalist populism goes like this: ‘It is a nasty world out there. People are trying to take our jobs, undermine your security, move into your country. The cosmopolitan urban elites don’t care’ … In some variant or another, this is the argument made by Netanyahu, Putin, Erdogan, Modi, Bolsonaro, the Brexiteers, and of course Donald Trump,” he explained.

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Zakaria has good reason to be alarmed because he himself happens to be one of those “cosmopolitan urban elites” who truly don’t care what people who they sneer at as the unwashed rabble think and as a result, may be facing the pitchforks if the globalists and their media propaganda machine are unsuccessful at quashing dissent against their mismanagement.

As for CNN, hey it’s Trump-Putin and that sells to the suckers even if they aren’t sophisticated enough to understand the nuances of a slick globalist mouthpiece like Zakaria.