The Media Won’t Tell You About The Latest Hispanic Unemployment Numbers, So WE WILL

With incoming House Democrats ready to open dozens of investigations into President Trump and members of his administration, they continue to ignore kitchen table issues that really matter to the American public in order to placate their unhinged base.

Many Dems are itching to impeach Trump for the flimsiest of reasons while the partisan media cheers them on but the job market is booming in a stark reversal of the economic fortunes for millions of ordinary folks who were jobless and beggared during the Obama horror show.

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In another indication of why it was good sense to put a businessman into the White House instead of a standard issue forked-tongue politician, the Bureau Of Labor Statistics released its latest jobs report and the numbers were once again marvelous with 312,000 jobs being added during the month of December.

Via CNBC, “Job growth surges by 312,000 in December”:

Job creation ended 2018 on a powerful note, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 312,000 in December though the unemployment rate rose to 3.9 percent.

The jobless rate, which was last higher in June, rose for the right reason as 419,000 new workers entered the workforce and the labor force participation rate increased to 63.1 percent. The participation level was up 0.2 percentage points from November and 0.4 percentage points compared with a year earlier.

A broader measure of unemployment that includes discouraged workers and those holding part-time jobs for economic reasons held steady at 7.6 percent.

In addition to the big job gains, wages jumped 3.2 percent from a year ago and 0.4 percent over the previous month. The year-over-year increase is tied with October for the best since April 2009. The average work week rose 0.1 hour to 34.5 hours.

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been expecting job growth of just 176,000, though they projected the unemployment rate to fall to 3.6 percent. The wage number also was well above expectations of 3 percent on the year and 0.3 percent from November.

And with a rising tide lifting ALL boats, the numbers were particularly good for Hispanics who saw record low unemployment numbers.

Via The Daily Wire, “‘Trump Boom’ Makes History, Again, With Hispanic Unemployment”:

Along with the solid across-the-board numbers, Hispanic unemployment tied an all-time low in December. The national seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos (aged 16+) dropped to 4.4%, down 0.1% from November and tying the record low first set in October, a number never before attained, dating all the way back to 1973 when BLS first began tracking the number.

VOTE: Should Trump keep the Government closed until he gets the wall?

Among the positive numbers for Hispanics is the demographic’s labor force participation rate, which climbed to 67% (29,963,000, up over 140,000 from the previous month) with the number of employed hitting 27,701,000 (up 177,000 from November). The number of unemployed dropped by 35,000 to 1,261,000.

The roaring economy under Trump which has been especially beneficial to minorities may prove to be a monkey wrench jammed directly into the gears of the Democrat impeachment machine. Who in their right mind would want to toss a president who has presided over a job resurgence out of office simply because they don’t like him?

As the reptilian political strategist James Carville who created one of Bill Clinton’s most famous talking points famously put it “It’s the economy stupid” and there could be hell to pay at the ballot box if vengeful Democrats kill the goose that laid the golden egg.