The media is melting down, but look how the STOCK MARKET is reacting to Trump’s summit with Putin

If you were to just watch CNN yesterday, you would have thought that the sky was falling and that we were in the middle of a constitutional crisis. They said that Trump committed “treason” by meeting with Putin and that he should be impeached, but they were obviously talking completely out of their arses.

If you really want a pulse of how the country feels about Trump’s meeting with Putin, all you need to do is take a look at the stock market reaction. When the stock market drops, that usually means there is uncertainty and fear. When the stock market rises, that means that investors are feeling confident about the future.

Well, at today’s closing on Wall Street, ALL 3 stock indices were up!

Yes, that’s right! The S&P 500 was up .51%, the Dow climbed .30% and the Nasdaq jumped nearly .80%!

Do you really think that the stock market would be climbing if we were truly in the middle of a “constitutional crisis”? I think not.

So before you let the media tell you that the sky is falling, just take a look at the stock market reaction to see the true sentiment of the financial markets.

Scott Adams summed it up perfectly with one simple tweet:

What are your thoughts about the media insanity over Trump’s summit with Putin? Comment below…