Temperatures Plunge In Hell; CNN Calls Out Bernie For ‘Fake’ Border Crisis Tweet

Socialist Bernie Sanders was tripped up during an appearance on CNN’s State Of The Union on Sunday morning when he was put on the spot over his claims that the humanitarian and national security crisis at the border was fake.

Comrade Bernie was interviewed before he was to rally with McDonald’s workers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who he would then lead on a march to the state’s Democratic Party Hall of Fame dinner to demand that fast food workers receive a mandatory $15 an hour minimum wage.

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In what was a rare bit of real journalism by a CNN host, SOTU’s Dana Bash put the senator from Vermont on the spot over a tweet that he sent out on Wednesday denying that the border crisis was a reality and that Trump was “scapegoating” migrants to appeal to his base.

Not used to being asked to explain his ridiculous rhetoric that nonetheless appeals to the bottom-feeding dregs of American society that are drawn to his promises of free stuff with no consequences, the braying old crank was taken aback.

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Via The Daily Caller, “Bernie Sanders Stands By ‘Fake Border Crisis’ Comments, Criticizes Trump’s Deal With Mexico”:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dodged questions Sunday when explicitly asked if he would call the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border a “crisis.”

CNN host Dana Bash asked Sanders on “State of the Union” about a tweet he sent Wednesday in which he called the situation at the border a “fake border ‘crisis.’” Bash, however, noted that U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered over 144,000 illegal migrants in May, the highest number in 13 years.

“Border facilities are dangerously overcrowded. Migrants are actually standing on toilets to get space to breathe. How is that not a crisis?” Bash asked the Vermont senator.

n response, Sanders accused President Donald Trump of wielding a political strategy that involves demonizing illegal immigrants and Muslims in order to divide the country. He then called for changes to asylum laws that bring in “a whole lot more legal staff and judges.”

ash interjected, asking again if he would call the situation a crisis.

“It is a serious problem, but it is not the kind of crisis that requires demonization of desperate people who in some cases have walked a thousand miles with chair children,” Sanders said. “It is an issue we have to deal with. The issue of climate change, the issue of tens of millions of Americans not having any health insurance, the fact that half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck — those are more serious crises.”

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Unwilling to answer Bash’s question, Crazy Bernie upchucked his standard word salad of warmed over Marxist ideas and the sort of red meat talking points that have catapulted him from the fringes – where in saner times, irrelevant cranks were exiled – into a player with a legitimate shot at the White House and a devout following who would crawl over broken glass at his command.

It was the second time in a matter of days when a CNN host deviated from the standard mollycoddling of Democrats in favor of a more aggressive approach.

On Friday CNN’s Brianna Keilar reduced Lunchbucket Joe’s Communications Director Kate Bedingfield to a stammering mess over Biden’s flip-flop over taxpayer-funded abortions.

Normally there is a better chance of lightning striking in the same place twice than CNN actually practicing journalism but it actually happened.

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