Teachers Panic When “Middle Eastern Woman” Comes to School, Reveals Sick Plan for Kids

Thanks in large part to President Barack Obama’s failure to contain the spread of radical Islam, Americans everyday wonder if this will be the day that terrorists finally strike.

Stillwater News Press in Stillwater, Oklahoma, reported that parents at an elementary school got to experience that fear firsthand Wednesday after a Middle Eastern woman walked into the building and said she was there “to take the kids to heaven.”

The woman was quickly escorted out of the Westwood Elementary School building and promptly arrested by police. The woman had no children in the school, and had no previous relationship with the school either, the News Press reported.

The school was quickly placed on lockdown and students were evacuated. The woman had a wire sticking out of her purse, which scared authorities even more.

“The police were doing what they needed to do on the east side and school staff were taking the kids out through the west doors,” said Stillwater City Attorney John Dorma, who has a daughter attending the school. “It makes me feel even better about where she goes to school.”

The bomb squad was called in, and the woman’s purse was searched but was found to have nothing explosive or particularly dangerous in it.

It is unclear if the woman was simply crazy, or if she legitimately wanted to blow up the building and “take the kids to heaven.” The police have released few details, but a spokesman said the woman was of “Middle Eastern descent” and had recently experienced some “mental health concerns.”

“I think it (the evacuation) went well but I’m sure we are going to learn things today,” said Westwood principal Darren Nelson.

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These sorts of things shouldn’t be happening in America. Our kids should be allowed to learn without worrying about someone walking in and threatening to blow everyone up.


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