Take 3 Minutes And Watch This Incredible ‘Midterm Anthem’ For 2018

With the most important midterm elections of a lifetime rapidly approaching it is important for conservatives to overcome the stacked deck that the Democrats enjoy thanks to their conspiratorial cronies in Silicon Valley.

The key is to get the word out, energize conservatives and most of all, keep the Speaker’s gavel out of the scaly claws of Nancy Pelosi who will quickly slam it down to commence impeachment hearings against President Trump.

We are now just a little bit over two and a half months until voters go to the polls and while a lot can still happen, it is imperative that the Democrats be defeated and kept out of political power.

A trio of patriotic young ladies who call themselves the Deplorable Choir are doing their part to generate enthusiasm with their new election anthem to vote Republican that is spreading like wildfire.

Beginning with the line “If you like money and a job, you have big dreams of a border wall, or to keep your doctor and keep your gun, by God vote Republican.”

The song also nails it by linking Pelosi and the Democrats with San Francisco’s human feces filled streets, the left’s affection for the murderous drug gang MS-13, violence in Chicago and deep state corruption.


Isn’t that just freaking awesome?

The Deplorable Choir got some well-deserved national exposure when they called into Sean Hannity’s radio show on Friday.

They can be followed on Facebook and Twitter until they are censored by Zuck and @jack and have a modest website HERE.