SURPRISE! After Demanding FBI Investigation For Weeks, Feinstein Refuses To Accept The Results

On Thursday morning, Senator Dianne Feinstein tried to discredit the results of the FBI investigation after demanding a probe for the past several weeks. In her own words, the investigation is “incomplete” because certain witnesses were not interviewed.

However, the FBI did speak with the witnesses named by Ford and they ALL denied knowledge of the party or any “assault” that allegedly took place.

Here’s Feinstein whining about witnesses “not being interviewed”:

At another point in her press briefing, she went off on a bizarre conspiracy theory that the investigation “limited” by the White House and President Trump:

“It looks to be the product of an incomplete investigation that was limited perhaps by the White House”, she said.

Feinstein claimed that they needed “more time” to do the investigation, even though they sat on Dr. Ford’s letter for MONTHS. In response, Geraldo Rivera fired back perfectly:

This whole Kavanaugh fiasco is another big fat egg on the face for the Democrats, and it appears to be hurting their popularity with voters.

Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming our next Supreme Court Justice, the utter hatred and endless predictable attacks on the Kavanaugh family are bringing much needed energy to the Republican Party during an election when President Trump isn’t on the ticket.

Here are some of the latest poll results from Fox News:

There’s been an uptick in GOP interest in all five states surveyed.  Compared to early September, the number of Republicans feeling “extremely” interested in the upcoming election is up by 2 points in Arizona, up by 9 points in Indiana, up 8 points in both Missouri and North Dakota, and up 11 points in Tennessee.  In each state, Republicans are now just as likely as Democrats to say they are extremely interested — erasing an edge Democrats had in several states last month.

The battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court might explain increased interest in the election among Republicans.  And how incumbent Senate Democrats vote on Kavanaugh could tip tight races, especially in Missouri and North Dakota.  Voting against his nomination hurts more than helps the Democrats in those states.

When will Democrats ever stop stepping on their own feet? Probably never, and we couldn’t be happier.

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