STUNNING: New CNN Poll Regarding American Optimism Backfires At CNN

Hilariously, a recent CNN poll totally should come as a total embarrassment to everything CNN reports.

The poll, by SSRS, was great news for the President and his agenda, showing American optimism continuing to increase.

57 percent of Americans polled believe the United States of America is doing well under President Trump, which is up from 49 percent in February.

However, the most unreported part of the poll is the fact that the 57 percent of people who believe America is doing well is the highest its been since 2007, something Obama was never able to surpass, even with ridiculously tainted media support.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

CNN mentioned that “almost 6 in 10 say things in the country are going well” in the opening paragraph of the poll writeup, but waited until the fourth paragraph to share that the number was higher than any of the times recorded during Obama’s tenure. Instead, CNN first noted that Trump’s approval rating is holding steady at 41 percent but that support for Trump on the issues is slowly climbing.

The vast improvement in the percentage of Americans who think the country is doing well is largely attributed to Democrats. Only 25 percent of Democrats said things were going well in February, while 40 percent said the same in March.

All of this comes at a time when the President hasn’t had the most fair media coverage as well as the witch hunt Mueller investigation which is nearing its end.

Today, a member of Trump’s legal team, Rudy Giuliani, stated the Mueller probe won’t be indicting President Trump.

With the midterms on the horizon, the last thing Democrats want to see is the end of the Mueller probe on top of the already high approval ratings of President Trump’s job performance.

It’s starting to look like the President’s already high approval ratings have nowhere to go except up!

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