WATCH: Cory Booker Makes “Dramatic” Exit; Walks Out Saying “I Cannot Participate…”

It was finally Cory Booker’s turn to talk in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and it seemed like he continued talking for days. He didn’t make much of a point, other than calling out the patriarchy and supporting Ford’s potentially shaky story. His talk of the patriarchy was odd considering he’s been aggressive towards at least one woman (see Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen) and he admitted to groping a high school in the past. To be fair, he was in high school too and readers should not confuse his groping incident as though he was a grown man going after young girls. That is not the case, but his groping incident is somewhat relevant to what he was saying about patriarchy.

At one point during Booker’s lengthy talk, he was interrupted by Chuck Grassley on account of Booker speaking too long and taking up time from others who wish to speak.

Booker continued, then ended (finally), and walked out. Childish, yes. Professional, no.

“JUST IN: Sen. Booker walks out of cmte. meeting in protest: “I cannot participate in what I know history is going to look back as a dark moment again, in the same way as” the Anita Hill hearings.”

PBS Newshour stated “Sen. Cory Booker spoke for more than 20 minutes as the Senate Judiciary Committee prepared to vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, the day after an emotional hearing with Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused him of sexual assault.

Ultimately, he said, he could not be part of what history will likely look back on as a dark moment.

“With that sir, I will leave.”

Most of what Booker said was in defense of Ford and her story. He stated that “this is not about partisanship” and that some criticisms of Ford are “stripping away” her “heroism.” Booker stated that he believed Ford and her story.

Christine Blasey Ford stated that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her during their high school years, but her story has no corroborating witnesses or evidence and the facts are very shaky. There isn’t enough evidence to provide, without reasonable doubt, that Kavanaugh had committed any crime.

Booker received the ‘Spartacus’ nickname when he referred to himself as Spartacus. As per the Washington Post, “This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment,” he said with a straight face. He was referring to the 1960 movie “Spartacus,” about a failed slave revolt led by the title character (Kirk Douglas) against the Roman Republic. When the rulers warned that all the slaves would be crucified unless Spartacus identified himself, he stood up. Then all the other slaves did the same, saying, “I am Spartacus.”

Booker gained additional notoriety when he was called out for groping a girl during high school. He wrote about the incident in 1992, when he was a college student at Stanford. The Washington Post covered it stating that Booker made two attempts to grope a high school girl on the breast. Washington Post’s article stated when “he was in high school, Cory Booker, the New Jersey Democrat and possible White House contender, groped his classmate as they kissed. He reached for her breast, and when she swatted his hand away, he made another attempt.”

Many viewers watching today’s statements may have wished for Booker to speak a bit less, as he carried on for quite a while and it just didn’t seem to end, nor did many people know what point he was trying to make other than reaching to gather attention for himself and then walking out.

What is it with Democrats and walking out, sitting down, and acting like immature children? It’s very bizarre and Democrats should take a step back and look at their own behavior through the eyes of others. It might change the way they act and increase their level of professionalism.