SOCIALISM USA! Bill Gates Says He ‘Doesn’t Deserve To Be This Rich’; Wants To Pay MORE Taxes

The mounting calls to skin the wealthy alive with astronomical tax rates as proposed by Dems like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is feeding into a narrative that capitalism is evil and that socialism is the remedy to all of the nation’s problems.

Sanders, in particular, has repackaged the dangerous ideas of Marx, Engels, and Lenin into the constant demonizing of millionaires and billionaires and has managed to craft an appeal to younger generations whose ignorance of history, has them clamoring for socialism.

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The success of Comrade Bernie can be seen in studies such as the one undertaken last year by the Victims Of Communism Memorial Foundation showing that nearly one-half of millennials now prefer socialism (and even communism) to capitalism and free enterprise.

One of Bernie’s premier disciples is a certain 29-year-old former bartender who has somehow managed to become the leading voice of Democrats and the 2020 candidates are all rushing to line up behind AOC’s Green New Deal.

The push for socialism has received some help from an unexpected voice with enormous clout who agrees with squeezing the rich even as he is among the planet’s wealthiest men.

According to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who according to the latest Forbes 100 list ranks as the world’s second richest man, the wealthy should be obligated to pay MORE taxes.

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Via The Washington Times, “Bill Gates: ‘I don’t deserve my fortune'”:

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says he doesn’t “deserve” his fortune and thinks taxes on the rich should be much “progressive” than they are in the United States.

“I have paid more than $10 billion in taxes, but I should have paid more,” Mr. Gates, who is worth roughly $96.5 billion, told the UK.’s Daily Mail in an interview published Tuesday. “I more than followed the law but I think things should be more progressive.

“I don’t deserve my fortune,” he said. “Nobody does. It has come through timing, luck, and through people I worked with. I certainly worked hard and I think software has been a beneficial thing, but I benefited from a structure too.”

Additional details per The Daily Mail:

‘I don’t deserve my fortune,’ Mr Gates added. ‘Nobody does. It has come through timing, luck, and through people I worked with. I certainly worked hard and I think software has been a beneficial thing, but I benefited from a structure too.

‘I don’t think giving the money to my children would be good for them or good for society.

‘So after whatever consumption I have, and after some left aside for the kids and for taxes, the rest of the money goes to the foundation.

‘Melinda and I work hard all the time to make sure that money goes to help those most in need.’

He said he was in favour of raising inheritance tax. In the US, parents can leave almost £9million to their heirs without being subject to tax.

Mr Gates also supported calls for more clarity about the taxes paid by technology giants so it is easier to see whether the amounts handed over are fair.

‘I’m a big fan of transparency,’ he said. ‘In terms of corporate tax, if people want to collect more from different types of companies then we need to change the law.’

His comments came as he and his wife published their annual letter setting out their main concerns about the world. They highlighted how nationalism was endangering global co-operation on important health issues.

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Gates may be onboard with the rich paying a higher percentage of their taxes but he isn’t one of those taking the great Ocasio-Cortez leap of faith.

Hey, it’s still a free country and nobody is stopping Bill Gates from giving ALL of his money away but like a typical elitist liberal, he is quick to speak for others who may not share his ideas.

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