Social Experiment Shows Man “Refused Service” For MAGA Hat; Customer Reaction Is Legendary

In one of the sadder commentaries on the state of political discourse in America, there have been numerous incidents where a person wearing a red “Make America Great Again” ballcaps has been refused service in restaurants or even attacked.

In a country where some now view even the American flag as a symbol of hate and oppression, it is the hat made popular by then-candidate Donald Trump during his historic campaign that is the most despised apparel item in the land and with the rise of mob behavior, wearing it can put a person in danger.

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Perhaps the most familiar incidents were the 16-year-old teen getting a drink thrown in his face at a Texas Whataburger and a black customer being harassed by the staff at a Florida Cheesecake Factory but these are indicative of a disturbing pattern that flies in the face of such longstanding American traditions such as free speech and freedom of expression.

However, there still are Americans who value our freedoms and one of those happens to be wearing a hat in public that is neither obscene nor promotes violence and several of these folks turned up in a brilliant social experiment that was staged and filmed by ABC for an episode of the hit show “What Would You Do?”

This is totally brilliant if you missed it the first time.


There is nothing even remotely American about practicing intolerance in the name of tolerance and even in today’s unprecedented age of hysteria, we all should realize how blessed that we are to live in a country where we still have the right to express ourselves even if there are those actively seeking to strip Trump supporters of that right.

VOTER POLL: Do you want to see Hillary run AGAIN in 2020?

Who really gets hurt?

If the reaction from the people in the video is any indication, it’s the dining establishment that picked a side and alienated half of its customers, not a good business practice.

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