SICKENING! Beto Supporters Caught On Camera Beating Up A Trump Lookalike Piñata After His Rally

President Donald Trump held a rally in El Paso, Texas, on Monday, which drew crowds of 35,000 people.

Simultaneously, Beto O’Rouke, the Democrat Senate nominee who lost to Sen. Ted Cruz last year, decided to hold a counter event of his own.

The amount of people in attendance at his rally was unclear, but according to pictures, it appears that fewer than 1,000 were in attendance.

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Beto had many different things to say:

“Nobody tells our story better than we do,” O’Rourke told NBC News in El Paso. “It’s incredibly important that this community stand up to be counted, to tell the story and to make sure that we set the record straight. That this is, as you know, a march for truth…we are here to follow the lead of this great community and make sure the country sees us at our best.”

Beto also preached for love and tolerance and other typical liberal talking points which they never seem to follow through with.

Beto also claimed that “walls end lives”:

Walls end lives? It is unclear how a physical wall can end someones life but Beto seems to be standing by his outrageous claim.

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After the rally was over, Beto’s supporters took all their “love and tolerance” and decided to viciously beat up a pinata of President Trump.

Watch the clip below:

Pretty ridiculous, right?

For people who spend so much time attacking Trump for being “mean,” it’s pretty ironic how they pull coward moves like this.

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Look at what Robert Barnes had to say:

If this were a group of Republicans beating up an Obama pinata, they would surly be called racists and would be slammed hard by the media.

Once again, the double standard is on full display and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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