SICKENING: Beto REFUSES To Support Law That Would Help Babies Who Survive Abortion [VIDEO]

Texan Democrat Beto O’Rourke was hot on the campaign trail during a visit to Plymouth State University, but he soon sizzled out after he refused to support law that would help infants who survive abortion be provided with medical care.

Once an infant is born, then they should receive proper medical care.

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After all, they’re born alive and deserve all the care that any other baby would receive.

In the video clip below, Beto O’Rourke refused to support law that would help the babies who survive abortion be treated properly by doctors.

This is what Americans are dealing with when it comes to the Democratic Party and it’s quite disturbing.

A college student gets his chance with the mic and presents a tough question to O’Rourke, who fails to come through with an honorable answer.

The student asks Beto, that if a viable fetus survives an abortion, should the doctor then be compelled to provide the same medical care to the child as they would in any other pregnancy.

Considering a child has just been born, one would think the doctors automatically provide the care.

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Most doctors probably would take care of the child, but Democrats appear interested in removing the requirement to provide said medical care.

The student adds that the bill presented would simply keep babies alive if they’re born and survived the abortion.

O’Rourke’s answer falls hard and causes many to lose respect for him as a human being, even though a handful of people cheered for him.

He said, with more wild hand gestures, that he would trust the woman to make a decision with their own body.

Here’s the thing — the body of a child does not belong to a woman. If a woman aborts a child after the infant is born, then they are killing the body of another human being.

This is absolutely disturbing.

Women should always have the right to do as they please with their body, but they must remember that the child’s body does not belong to the woman, it belongs to the child.

Taking life away from a child who survives an abortion should not be an option.

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