SICK: Surveillance Footage Shows Former Top Obama Official Taking Picture Up Woman’s Skirt

Surveillance footage released on Friday shows a former senior official in the Obama administration taking a picture up a woman’s skirt with his cell phone in July 2016 at a D.C. Metro train station.

According to The Daily Mail, William Mendoza, who previously served as the executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, pleaded guilty in late 2017 to taking lewd photos of women on the subway.

In Nov. 2016, Mendoza pleaded guilty to a single count of attempted voyeurism after resigning from his position in the Obama administration, where he was reportedly making $140,000 a year.

He was only given a 90-day suspended prison sentence, one-year probation, and forced to pay a $100 fine. He reportedly abruptly resigned before the department launched an internal investigation into the matter.

The Daily Mail reports that “the video footage taken on July 5, 2016, contains five segments, put together as part of the Metro Police Transit Department (WMATA) investigation into Mendoza’s conduct.”

In what the Daily Mail calls the “fourth segment” of the clip montage, Mendoza can be seen following a woman up an escalator, where he appears to lean down with the light on his cell phone turned on. He then takes a picture up a woman’s skirt.

Watch below:

Mendoza was arrested in late 2016 after the woman in the surveillance footage and at least three other women came forward and complained about his behavior to D.C. police.

The complaints against Mendoza and his arrest was largely kept quiet, until The Daily Mail filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the information. After the outlet won their lawsuit in court, the information surrounding Mendoza and the surveillance footage was released to the public.

The Daily Mail reports that Mendoza also recorded a video of a woman in a changing room at a department store. Court documents revealed that he was viewing some of the lewd content while he was at the State Department, where he was supposed to be working.

Mendoza also used a government-issued travel card, which was funded by the American taxpayers, to ride the subway while he was carrying out his disturbing actions.

Mendoza was appointed as the executive director after Obama created the White House initiative via executive order.

More importantly, the liberal media is nowhere to be found on this story because it exposes how a top Obama official pleaded guilty to violating several women.

He used his taxpayer-funded Metro card to ride the train for free and was taking countless photographs of women up their skirts without their permission. He was reportedly viewing the content at the State Department, where he served as a senior official in the Obama administration. And, he was only given a 90-day suspended prison sentence, one-year probation, and forced to pay a $100 fine for violating and exploiting several woman in public.

Many Americans would agree that Mendoza got off easy, and should have been handed a much harsher punishment for his sick actions against innocent women.

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