SICK: Michelle Wolf Makes DISGUSTING Domestic Violence ‘Joke’ About Melania Trump

Unfunny comedian Michelle Wolf “joked” this week that she hopes President Donald Trump didn’t hurt First Lady Melania Trump because “then we couldn’t make fun of her anymore.”

During the opening monologue of her show on Netflix, the comedian made several vile and disgusting remarks about the first lady. Apparently, liberals find it humorous to “joke” about domestic violence while falsely claiming the president is physically assaulting the first lady.

“And finally, after not being seen for 25 days, Melania has reappeared following her kidney surgery,” Wolf said, gesturing air quotes while saying kidney surgery. “Some people are saying this is Melania’s cover for plastic surgery but, I don’t buy that. Her husband obviously loves her for who she is.”

“Whatever really happened with Melania, I genuinely hope it doesn’t come out that Donald hurt her,” Wolf said, adding, “because that’s bad” and “then we couldn’t make fun of her anymore.”

“We’d have to make her into this brave, feminist icon and I don’t want to do that!” Wolf screamed. “I like making fun of Melania because she’s a bad first lady. She’s one of the worst we’ve ever had.”

Watch below:

Wolf’s despicable comments come after several other media figures promoted similar conspiracy theories about the first lady.

Last week, CNN anchor Brian Stelter was brutally mocked online for his embarrassing role in pushing speculations about the “disappearance” of Trump. Stelter, a documented conspiracy theorist, found himself in hot water after claiming the “media” had every right to push bizarre ideas about where the first lady was following her surgery to treat a kidney condition.

Prior to that, an editor for The Atlantic and a senior writer for The Root each speculated that the first lady didn’t make any appearances in the media following her surgery because the president physically assaulted her.

Rolling Stone senior writer Jamil Smith tweeted that he suspects the first lady’s public absence “could be about concealing abuse.”

The Atlantic editor David Frum posted a similar speculation one day prior, proffering his sick theory in the form of a question.

Completely unmentioned by all of these liberals is that the first lady underwent surgery on May 10 for an “embolization procedure” to treat a benign kidney condition. Following her procedure, she remained at the Walter reed hospital for the duration of the week for safety precautions. When she returned home, the first lady was not “seen” by the media until June 4.

Sadly, this is how low the media has stooped to attack the First Family. Networks and media outlets tolerate and allow employees to falsely claim the president is assaulting the first lady without providing a shred of evidence to support the erroneous claim.

Think any of these people made the same “jokes” about Michelle and Barack Obama? Think again.

Liberals and their ilk are so heinous in their behaviors that they are more focused on finding ways to slander the Trump family rather than report on the actual news and state of the country.

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