SICK! CNN Viewers Disgustingly Smear Black Trump Supporter Over What He Said About POTUS

Some CNN viewers disgustingly smeared a black Trump supporter over what he said about President Donald Trump.

During a town hall with voters in Pennsylvania, network contributor Van Jones spoke with voters who voted for Trump in 2016 and wanted to know if they planned to a second time in 2020.

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Kevin Martin, an African-American business owner, told Jones that he still plans to vote for Trump again in 2020 despite not agreeing with a few things the president has done and said since taking office.

“All this, kind of this, far left talk is kind of scaring me, when it comes to the border,” he said.

Martin warned that he and others supported Trump even more after seeing that many of the 2020 Democrats are pushing radical and far-left policies.

Martin actually appeared to say more, but CNN edited out his entire statement from the clip.

“Look, I mean, I was raised in a conservative family, and I’m in business, I’m a business consultant, and business is great. And I don’t want to lose that,” Martin explained.

“And I know that a lot of the rhetoric coming out of the White House off twitter, is concerning,” he admitted, “but putting personal feelings aside, I think that we’re having a great economic boom, I mean, people are risking their lives to come here.”


Soon after the segment aired on CNN, several people who watched were angry that Martin said that he would support Trump in 2020 because his business was doing better.

Several users attacked Martin, insulted him, and said he needs to be re-educated.

One Twitter user named Khaty actually said, “Can y’all find him,” which appears to be a suggested to dox and harass Martin for his political opinions.

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A black man supports the president and CNN viewers insulted him and said he needs to be re-educated.

Despite CNN’s viewers raging against a Trump supporter, it’s clear Democrats are already worried about the 2020 election.

Trump is still the strong favorite to win in 2020 despite 24 Democratic candidates declaring that they are running for president.

Sportsbook manager Dave Mason said Trump is the overwhelming 3-2 favorite for re-election.

Several election forecasters are already admitting that Trump is the clear favorite to win in the upcoming election regardless of who he runs against.

Last month, Steven Rattner published a report citing three different modelers that are predicting the president will secure a second-term in office.

Rattner, who served as the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration, reveals that top economists and modelers argue that the data points to Trump winning no matter who secures the Democratic nomination.

The 2020 election is still a long way away, but many already see Trump as the clear favorite to win re-election.

And that is infuriating CNN and their liberal viewers.

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