SICK: Celeb Hypocrite Alyssa Milano Defends Creepy Joe’s Touching Of Women

In yet another glaring example of liberal hypocrisy, celebrity activist Alyssa Milano who championed the #MeToo movement has carved out a generous exception for Creepy Joe Biden.

Formerly a B-list actress who has become a leader of the Hollywood resistance by leveraging her social media presence, Milano has been at the forefront of efforts to reverse the 2016 election that she and her fellow entitled celebrity narcissists have refused to accept.

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There have been few “issues” that the 46-year-old whose career zenith was reached when she played Samantha on the popular 1980s sitcom “Who’s The Boss” has not been sought out by the media to pontificate on but none more so than #MeToo which at first drew attention to women who had experienced sexual assault but soon evolved into a weaponized political force that has been used by the left to take down their enemies.

Alas, hypocrisy is the coin of the realm with the celebs and Milano is singing a much different tune about inappropriate sexual conduct when it comes to Biden who has been anointed by the unhinged left as the latest incarnation of the Trump slayer that they have been longing for.

So naturally, old Foghorn Leghorn is given a pass for his groping because according to Milano, he comes from a “super affectionate” family and his sniffing and inappropriate touching can be chalked up to simply having – get this – cultural differences.

Via The Daily Wire, “Alyssa Milano Defends Joe Biden Touching, Smelling Women: He Just Has ‘Cultural Differences'”:

The actress told MSNBC anchors that she spoke privately to Mr. Biden about his suspect behavior with women and noted that she was impressed by the Democrat. Biden told her privately what she wishes “more men in positions of power would say out loud.”

“He said to me, ‘I’m willing to learn, I’m willing to listen. I didn’t realize that I’m too affectionate,'” said Milano.

The “Charmed” star then echoed a line the political Right had been emphasizing ad nauseam: there is a spectrum when it come to sexual misconduct.

“And I think that this brings up a really important question that we really haven’t touched on in MeToo,” she said. “Often in these moments, where we’re hearing these stories, I think it’s importance to emphasize the difference in these stories.”

Milano then directly addressed the accusations from former state Senator Lucy Flores (D-NV), who said Biden grabbed her shoulders, smelled her hair, and kissed the back of her head during a 2014 encounter.

Apparently this interaction was nothing more than an expression of Biden’s “culture differences.”

“For me, the thing that set this story — the Ms. Flores story — apart from all the other stories: To Joe, this is a culture difference, because culturally he was raised in a family that was super affectionate,” Milano said.

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In addition to Milano, celebs are going all-in on Biden:

But while Creepy Joe may be a hit in Tinseltown one has to wonder how the reactionary base and social justice fanatics are going to take it now that the same celebrity thought leaders who have spent years decrying the “white man’s culture” as Biden himself called it are going to respond to this big switcheroo.

Biden may have the star power to vacuum up the money and endorsements of the Hollywood high rollers but he’s going to be a hard sell to the millions of angry women who swarmed Washington after Trump’s inauguration to protest in pink knit “pussy” hats and wave vulgar signs of the female anatomy.

The stars may be banking on a candidacy that is an even bigger bomb than the box office for Rob Reiner’s latest movie.

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