SHOCKING VIDEO: Ford Stumbles, Hesitates When Pressed On Massive Question About Feinstein’s Actions

Calling Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford’s testimony wild would be an understatement.

The testimony exposed multiple questionable connections Ford has had to Senator Diane Feinstein over the last three months.

Ford received advice from Feinstein on who to hire as an attorney, which was a change to her original story. In addition, people have questioned why Feinstein withheld the letter from the Judiciary Committee for months, yet just so happened to release it hours before Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote.

According to Fox News:

Ford initially said her friends helped her find legal representation. When pressed further, Ford said Feinstein’s office recommended attorneys, particularly the Katz firm. Debra Katz, who sat at Ford’s right-hand side during the hearing, is a well-connected Democrat with close ties to the #MeToo movement and Capitol Hill.

Ford had detailed her allegations in a letter to Feinstein, the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, in July. Feinstein has faced scrutiny from Republicans regarding her handling of the letter, specifically how long it took her to inform the rest of the Judiciary Committee.

After Democrats spent the whole Kavanaugh hearing begging for an FBI investigation, Feinstein has vehemently denied leaking the letter despite the very coincidental timing and the fact that she advised Ford on which attorneys to hire.

Republicans on the Judiciary Committee pressed Feinstein on why she didn’t spend a moment in the last two months confidentially speaking with them about the letter that she was so worried about forcing an FBI investigation for.

The weird thing is, Christine Ford said she wanted to remain anonymous. Yet she also claimed it was her “civic duty” to come forward and expose Kavanaugh, which is why she initially reached out to her local Congressional office.

Now, where things get REALLY questionable takes place during her testimony when she was pressed by sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell on the confidentiality and release of the letter.

In the clip below, it appears you’ll see Mitchell visibly shocked by the hesitant, stuttered response from Ford. Did Ford nearly slip on Feinstein’s plans to release the letter right before the confirmation?

“I sent her a letter on July 30th and I don’t have the date… I’d have to pull up my email to find out the date of her saying it was right before the hearings that she was going to….. Maintain the confidentiality of the.. of the letter.”

Rachel Mitchell’s mouth dropped open and head slid forward, “Will you say that again it was right before the hearings…”

Ford chimed in “That’s my memory but I can look it up for you if you’d like.”

Will someone investigate in the FBI investigate the emails sent between Ford and Feinstein to see if she’s being truthful here? Considering this is one of the biggest questions into the timing of the release of the letter, and how unsure Ford was, it would only make sense to know what was ACTUALLY said.

I wonder if Feinstein and Ford will be seeking advice from Hillary Clinton on the best way to acid wash an email server? Just kidding.

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