SHOCKING: Paul Ryan Finally Agrees with Trump on this HUGE Issue

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan haven’t agreed on much so far but they agree on this BIG issue…

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday said he and Donald Trump agree on trade, telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “He wants to get good trade agreements, so do I.”

trump and ryan

“I do clearly think it’s important for America to lead in the world, and to write the rules of the global economy,” Ryan said. “So that we set the standards — versus our competitors like China writing the rules of the global economy. So we need to engage.”

“What I have heard from him is that we need to engage, that we need to have very good trade agreements that are good for America. And I agree with that.”

The comments from Ryan, the federal government’s highest-ranking Republican, came shorty after Trump compared the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to rape in a speech at an Ohio college on Tuesday.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee said. “Just a continuing rape of our country.”

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