SERIOUSLY? Democrats Push New Bill That Would MASSIVELY Increase Water Price

A Democrat man, who happens to be a New Jersey state senator recently introduced a new bill that would charge many poor people, who can barely afford gas in their cars, more money for using water.

Sen. Bob Smith (D) stuck up for the scam bill adding a “user fee on water consumption and water diversion” in his new legislation.

Fox News reports

The bill would add 10 cents for every 1,000 gallons of water used in a home, which would amount to an increase of approximately $32 per year to the “average” water bill, Smith told WNYW-TV.

According to the proposal, “much of [New Jersey’s] drinking water infrastructure has aged past its useful life and is in dire need of repair and replacement.”

“There is a big problem, and it is a problem that affects your health, your kids’ health and your grandchildren’s health,” Smith told

If Smith’s plan passes, he said it would bring in about $150 million per year.

Making matters much worse for poor people all across the land, California Gov. Jerry Brown requested his minions in crime, on the state legislature to help him rob the poor people in California by enacting a ridiculous fee on drinking water to fix California’s water infrastructure.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Now, after years of half solutions, the state is considering its most comprehensive actions to date. Gov. Jerry Brown has asked the Legislature to enact a statewide tax on drinking water to fix wells and treatment systems in distressed communities. Residents and businesses would pay a tax on their monthly water bills, while agriculture would contribute through taxes on fertilizer purchases and fees paid by dairy farmers and feedlot operators.

For the average Californian, the tax would mean paying an additional $11.40 per year.

Do you think the Government should be allowed to charge ridiculous fees in poor Americans areas for something they cannot survive without?  Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.  Sound off in the comment section!

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