SAD: George W. Bush Swipes At Trump’s Immigration Policy While Overseas with Bill Clinton

Considering that he himself was once an occupant of the Oval Office, former President George W. Bush should be above taking pot shots at the current POTUS while he is overseas.

Yet that is exactly what Bush has done as he joined the Democrats, John McCain, and the media to trash President Trump while he is in jolly old England.

The current president will later travel to Helsinki for a high-stakes summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a meeting that the establishment desperately wants to prevent from happening but as of this afternoon, it’s still on.

Teaming up with Bill Clinton, Dubya spoke in Little Rock on Thursday and without specifically mentioning Trump’s name, condemned the administration’s immigration policies which he is “disturbed” over.

It should be noted that during the eight years that Barack Obama was running roughshod over the country that Mr. Bush didn’t utter so much as a peep over Dear Leader’s wanton abuses of presidential power and his pitting of Americans against each other in the interest of politics.

Via The Washington Examiner, “George W. Bush: I’m ‘disturbed’ by immigration debate taking place”:

Former President George W. Bush criticized the heated debate over immigration in America on Thursday, saying it damages the “goodness” of the country.

“I am disturbed by the debate that’s taking place because I think it undermines the goodness of America,” Bush told Presidential Leadership Scholars.

While not specifically calling out President Trump’s immigration policies, Bush said many Americans don’t recognize the many contributions immigrants make, and the intense rhetoric obscures that the U.S. immigration system is “broken” and needs to be fixed.

There is probably more than a bit of personal animosity in play here on his part and the Bushes are infamous for nurturing grudges.

Like the rest of his entitled family, Dubya had to watch in horror as then-candidate Trump slowly and methodically demolished the heir to their dynasty when he toyed with Jeb! during the debates like a cat with a mouse.

He quickly accused the former Florida governor as being “low energy” which he then ruthlessly exploited over the course of six months in front of the entire country in the first of a series of nicknames that Trump successfully used to define his opponents by emphasizing their most negative traits.

The arrogant GOP establishment was certain that the younger Bush would be the one who would face Hillary Clinton in what would have been a win-win contest for the status quo.

But Trump thwarted those plans by first emasculating John Ellis Bush and then putting him away for good with a devastating fusillade during the nationally televised debate in Greenville, SC in February 2016 that put the dagger into the dreams of a third Bush in the White House.

Jeb dropped out of the race shortly after the debate and the Bushes have never gotten over it.

It’s hard to say which is more disgusting.  That a former president finds it acceptable to attack President Trump while he is abroad or that he has the temerity to do it sitting next to Slick Willie who has come to embody the moral depravity of the Democratic party yet continues to get a free pass.

There used to be such a thing as patriotism which thanks to the anti-Trump Resistance has now become a dirty word.

Shame on you Mr. Bush, just shame on you!