Rush Reveals 2 Lines From Mueller Report Showing Media LYING To Smear Trump; ‘So Damn Despicable!’

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed on Thursday that two lines from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report are being used by the media to spread lies about President Donald Trump.

During his nationally syndicated radio show, Limbaugh pointed to two instances in which the media is taking quotes out of context and using them to attack the president.

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The first line Limbaugh noted involved media outlets taking a Trump quote out of context.

In Mueller’s report, he quotes the president as saying, “This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m fu**ed.” The media is spinning this and making it seem like Trump “knows” he is “guilty” and worried that Mueller will indict him.

The full quote from Trump shows that he had been told that once a special counsel is appointed, the investigation will drag on, take years, and lead to several other probes take even longer.

As Limbaugh detailed, Trump was angered that his presidency would be tarnished because of Democrat-led, partisan probes.

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Here’s what Limbaugh said:

“Now, here’s what Trump actually said about the appointment of the special counsel,” said Limbaugh. He then quoted directly from the report: “The president returned to the consequences of the appointment and said, ‘Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels it ruins your presidency. It takes years and years and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worse thing that ever happened to me.'”
“That’s what he said, not the way CNN is excerpting it. ‘Oh, my God. I’m screwed! Aw, jeez,’ as though the independent counsel’s gonna catch him in illegalities. Trump was not talking about that. He was talking about how these investigations paralyze presidents.”
“Folks, this is so damned despicable, I’m having trouble not being profane here today. … CNN is saying the president acknowledged that the special counsel being appointed screws his presidency. They are attempting to conclude here that Trump was guilty and the special counsel was gonna find the guilt and that Trump knew it!”

The second line from the report that Limbaugh highlighted involves the media trying to frame Trump as guilty.

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Limbaugh noted that Mueller’s team plainly stated that there was no evidence of collusion, but they left the door open on allegations of obstruction of justice.

Limbaugh argued that the media is now pushing theories that Mueller wants Congress to investigate, and perhaps indict Trump, for obstructing the Russia probe.

“The Drive-By Media also seizing on the part of the Mueller report where it says — I’m paraphrasing here — ‘if we had confidence Trump didn’t obstruct justice, we would so state,'” said Limbaugh. “Now, stop and think of that for a second. ‘If we had confidence Trump didn’t obstruct justice, we would so state.’ There you have it. That is a made-to-order morsel for these loon brains at CNN and MSNBC and everybody else in the Drive-By Media to pick up and run off with.”
“In other words, even though they couldn’t find a single example of Trump obstructing justice, they aren’t sure he didn’t and they just didn’t find it,” said Rush.
“I mean, this is a prosecutorial investigation. … This is not permitted under Justice Department law. You do not ‘not charge’ somebody after an investigation and then list all the things you think they did. That’s what Comey did to Hillary, and that’s why he got into a little heap big trouble here. Not supposed to do that. That’s why some people are worried about what’s happening to our rule of law, the Department of Justice — this, folks, it is beyond description.”

Limbaugh closed out his segment by arguing that the media will keep trying to push these “fake hoaxes” and “outright lies” about Trump to save face after wasting two years pushing phony Russia collusion theories.

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