Rush Limbaugh makes his prediction about Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton in the General Election

Rush Limbaugh makes his prediction about Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton
in the General Election

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Rush Limbaugh believes that all these “unfavorables” we keep hearing about from the media don’t mean squat, and that if it comes down to Trump vs. Hillary, Trump will destroy her. reports: My point is, ’72 could teach everybody that high negatives are not by themselves disqualifying. But the anti-Trump people out there want you to believe that they are. And you’ll see it everywhere. Why, Trump can’t win, look at his numbers with women. Why, Trump can’t win, look at his disapprovals. It doesn’t mean anything right now. We haven’t even had the convention yet. We haven’t even had the campaign.

And I’m gonna tell you something else. You know, in November who knows what’s gonna become of these negatives, after the convention and after the campaign. And I’ll give you a little secret here. If Trump’s the nominee and if he does unload on Hillary Clinton as he’s promising to do, let me just tell you something: You do not know how many gazillion Americans are going to be delirious and orgasmic with delight and support.

There are gazillions of Americans who have had to suppress, have had to swallow, have had to sit there and take it, whatever the Clintons have gotten away with since they entered the public national scene in 1992. They’ve gotten away with everything, the dirty right-wing conspiracy, all this stuff, and nobody ever goes after ’em, nobody ever hits the Clintons, nobody seriously. Republicans have never tried it. They get away with giving $225,000 for a speech, various bankers and so forth. Stealing stuff out of the White House, claiming to be broke, and now just rolling in money and so forth, and all the other unlikable things about her.

If Trump hits her and criticizes her like the Clintons haven’t been, you’re gonna have people on that basis alone vote for the guy, in my opinion, ’cause I don’t think people understand how pent up the frustration and the opposition to the Clintons at what they have seemingly gotten away with all of these years. And I’m reminded of our caller from Philadelphia yesterday, the guy Sean, was going on and on and on about how the Republicans have never fought back. Bush didn’t fight back, and Trump does, Trump fights.

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