Rush Exposes Jaw Dropping Truth About What Happened At Border That NO ONE Noticed

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh exposed a jaw-dropping truth this week about what happened at the border that no one noticed.

During a segment from his nationally syndicated program, Limbaugh began by discussing the recent deal between the U.S. and Mexico, which essentially entails Mexico doing more to combat migrants from continuing to march towards America.

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Limbaugh noted that after President Donald Trump threatened a 5 percent tariff on Mexico, they immediately went into action to combat migration.

Mexico sent thousands of police and military personnel to close off crossings and routes that have been used by migrants, which was only possible after the president threatened them.

Limbaugh stated:

Ladies and gentlemen, something pretty important just happened on the Mexican border, the southern Mexican border. I just ran across this. This is a story from Reuters. Let me put this in context. As you know, President Trump has been talking about the imposition of tariffs on Mexico.

And the chorus in Washington made up of the opposition including many Republicans say, “You can’t do that! Oh, my God! That would be terrible! You’d cost 400,000 American jobs! You can’t do that! The Mexicans will never go for it! You can’t do this!
Trump’s says, “I’ll think about it. We got a big meeting coming up.

The meeting, if it goes well, we won’t have to do it.” The meeting was yesterday. Trump said, “The meeting didn’t go well, so I’m putting tariffs on Monday. The tariffs on Mexico slapped on on Monday.” A rising chorus of Republicans say, “No, no, no, no! We can’t do tariffs! Oh, my God! We can’t do that! Too many donors, man, do not want anything to happen to Mexico,” and what’s happening in Mexico. The Democrats don’t want anything happen to future Democrat voter registration.

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Limbaugh added:

Yet Reuters: “Mexican soldiers, armed police, and migration officials blocked hundreds of migrants after they crossed the Mexican border from Guatemala in a caravan into southern Mexico,” this was late yesterday, “and deigned dozens of them according to a witness from a migrant aid group.

The Mexican response in the border town of Metapa, which included dozens of soldiers, marked a toughening of the government’s efforts to curb the flow of mainly Central American migrants, said Salva Cruz, a coordinator with Fray Matias de Cordova.

As Limbaugh noted, this only happened because Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs.

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Here’s more on the terms of the U.S.-Mexico deal:

The tariffs, a 5% tax on all goods imported from Mexico, were scheduled to take effect on Monday. Trump issued the threat as the Department of Homeland Security projected that more than 1 million people would be apprehended this year in illegal attempts to cross the southwest border.

The agreement calls for Mexico to “take unprecedented steps” to stop Central American migrants from entering the country on their way north to the United States, “to include the deployment of its National Guard throughout Mexico, giving priority to its southern border,” according to the State Department.

Mexican officials also agreed that migrants who reach the United States and request asylum “will be rapidly returned to Mexico” while U.S. officials review the petition.

While Trump is trying to secure the border, Democrats continue to try to stop him and the media is trying to mislead about the agreement reached.

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