Rush Admits Why He’s Terrified That Dems Will Pass Gun Legislation This Time

Conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh has recently admitted that he now believes that there will be some kind of gun legislation passed in the wake of the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

As recently as Friday, the zealous radio host was still urging the president not to give in to compromising on gun control.

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From the Rush Limbaugh radio program, Aug 9th:

You know, I don’t know if it’s become apparent to everybody yet, but [the Left Wingers are] not going away. And you cannot satisfy them. You cannot make them happy. You cannot compromise with them.

Like they’re talking about gun control. Don’t give them a thing! It’s not gonna buy us anything! … Trump is making it appear that he’s got some negotiating room with the left on gun control things.

I know this. I know that there are people in the West Wing, in the Trump administration, urging him to do it, swamp-dwelling Republicans. Just like there were people in the George H. W. Bush West Wing, “You’ve gotta compromise on that tax cut promise you made. You gotta do it! You gotta raise taxes, you gotta give the left something.” George H. W. Bush who had said “Read my lips: No new taxes” raised taxes. And any kind of a deal with the Democrats on guns is going to risk the same fate happening to Trump….

And people make the ongoing mistake — I’ve been watching this mistake made for 30 years — thinking that you can calm them down, make them go away, make them like you, make them drop the issue, even, if you just compromise with ’em. It never works because they’re never happy because their objective, as is now plain as day, is wiping us out. Plain as day. There is no desire for peaceful coexistence or compromise. Their objective is to wear you out and to wipe us out. No two ways about it.

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His belief that the administration would stand strong did not last long, as he was already giving in to skepticism by the start of his radio program on Monday.

The Daily Wire covered the story:

Following the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio last week that left over 30 people dead and dozens injured, congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle have been discussing possible gun control measures, particularly “red flag” laws, which many Republicans have signaled that they would support and which President Trump has openly backed, along with improved background checks.

Limbaugh predicted Monday that we would see some form of gun legislation, citing “the prevailing winds in Washington” which are telling lawmakers, “We’ve gotta do something! Just do something so it can be seen that they’ve done something. So it can be seen that there has been a response by our government to the tragedies.”

Limbaugh made clear that he doesn’t believe any gun legislation enacted by the federal government will actually prevent tragedies like those that occurred in El Paso and Dayton because, in the end, “it’s not gun legislation that is responsible for it.”

“You can ban guns left and right,” he said. “You can take guns away from the law-abiding all day. People who intend, who have made up their minds to use guns in a criminal way are going to find them. They are, by definition, criminals.”

But the mounting pressure to “do something,” he predicted, will win the day in Washington this time because of human psychology.

“They’re demanding anything ’cause everybody just wants to feel better about this,” he said of the public outcry for action. “Everybody just wants to think we’re doing something about it, ‘even if it doesn’t matter, we want to do something.’ Because of the psychological need to do something. And then you add on to the psychological need that to do something, the government has to do it.”

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It has yet to be seen what Trump’s administration will do in response to the mounting pressure to enact a red flag law, though it looks as though there is plenty of bipartisan support.

Senator Lindsay Graham (Rep-SC) told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that he believes that if Democrats don’t play dirty games with the legislation, something might actually get done that both sides would be happy with.

“My question is, will the Democrats be willing to work with the president or will they keep moving the goalpost? I don’t know,” Graham told MacCallum.

Graham also pushed back at critics and gun advocates who feel this type of legislation violates the Second Amendment.

“Nobody is going to lose their gun unless they have their day in court, but we’re not going to create a situation where the cops sit on the sidelines and watch somebody blow up when there are plenty warning signs,” Graham responded.

What are your thoughts on making a red flag law? Leave them in the comment box below!

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