The RNC just gave Cory Booker a nickname – and it’s terrible

As you know, President Trump is the king of assigning nicknames to his political foes.

He has a way of crafting a nickname that sticks by calling out a specific trait or behavior that is true about that person. His nicknames are also short, choppy, and easy to say. “Crooked Hillary”, “Lyin’ Ted”, “Little Marco”, etc.

Well, it appears the RNC has taken a crack at assigning nicknames to people, and they frankly suck at it. They should REALLY leave the nickname thing up to Trump.

In a new piece where they shred Cory Booker for screaming at a female Trump official, they call him “Derogatory Cory”. We get where they were going with it. It rhymes, and it’s somewhat true, but no. Just, no…

This is from their official press release:

There’d be so many triggered Democrats that there’d be a hashtag within minutes, campus protests across the country, and the topic-du-jour for celebrities at Hollywood’s next award show.

But because the party affiliations were reversed, Derogatory Cory got nothing but praise from the selectively-outraged base he was clearly performing for yesterday.

Some on Twitter noted that it’s not the best nickname in the world:

As Scott Greer says above….leave the nicknames to Trump!

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