RINO Mitt Romney Has Pathetic Message For Trump After Latest Firing

It didn’t take long for failed GOP presidential candidate and chronic whiner Mitt Romney to attack President Trump over the long-overdue firing of national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday.

There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth from the establishment when Trump dropped the hammer on the treacherous neocon with the famous mustache and it comes as no surprise that among those defending Bolton was Romney.

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Mitt has nurtured a long-running grudge against Trump – who he once begged for support – and has rarely missed a chance to trash the POTUS whenever he has a sympathetic ear from the media.

It was just last week that Romney who now sits in the U.S. Senate sided with Democrats on Trump having to use Pentagon dollars to address the national security threat at the southern border and now he is talking smack over the firing of Bolton who like Mitt, is deft at the art of backstabbing.

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Via The Hill, “Romney: Bolton firing ‘a huge loss’ for nation”:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) defended outgoing national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday, calling his firing a “huge loss.”

“His view was not always the same as everybody else in the room. That’s why you wanted him there. The fact that he was a contrarian from time to time is an asset not a liability,” Romney told reporters Tuesday after the president tweeted that Bolton had been fired.

“I’m very very unhappy to hear that he’s leaving. It is a huge loss for the administration in my opinion and for the nation,” Romney added.

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Like an incurable sexually transmitted disease, Mitt just won’t go away.

Bolton’s termination came like a lightning bolt out of the blue when Trump delivered the surprise news via his weaponized Twitter account:

The ousted Bolton who was recently described by Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a “bureaucratic tapeworm” moved quickly to put his own spin on his firing by implying that Trump is lying about the circumstances.

The two had increasingly butted heads with Trump determined to wind down the costly and unnecessary wars – especially in Afghanistan – that were initiated back when Bolton was a member of the Bush administration as well as the perception that the warmonger had sabotaged negotiations between the president and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to wind down the Korean War that has been ongoing for nearly 70 years.

Reports have emerged that it was Bolton who leaked to the media to torpedo a Camp David meeting between Trump and Taliban leaders to end hostilities in Afghanistan and it is no secret that the leader of the free world abhors leakers.

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In a perfect example of how treacherous that Mitt’s buddy is, it is being reported that in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s tweet announcing his firing, that Bolton texted his own version to all of his contacts in the media.

According to the American Conservative:

Just minutes after Trump’s tweet, Bolton quickly went into action, leveraging his four decades of contacts inside the Beltway to advance a completely different narrative by texting seemingly every reporter in his contact list.

“John Bolton just texted me, just now, he’s watching,” said Brian Kilmeade of Fox News while live on television. “He said, ‘let’s be clear, I resigned.’”

“Offered last night without his asking,” Bolton texted to Peter Baker of the New York Times. “Slept on it and gave it to him this morning.”

Bolton followed his flurry of text messages with a public tweet twelve minutes after the president’s: “I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, ‘Let’s talk about it tomorrow.’”

But Bolton’s version of events doesn’t make much sense: about an hour before Trump’s tweet, the White House had informed the press that Bolton would be briefing reporters, along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and Bolton even led a meeting this morning.

In yet another example of the discord that Bolton fostered within Trump’s cabinet, reporters noted “palpable tension” in the West Wing as Bolton’s team competed with White House aides to advance opposing narratives to reporters waiting in the wings.

“A pro-Bolton NSC official came to speak with reporters inside the West Wing when Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham walked by, gave a look and said: ‘Oh look, right outside my office’ as she walked past,” tweeted NBC News’ Peter Alexander.

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Romney and Bolton are birds of a feather and Trump was wise to pull the plug on Bolton who has a one-track mind for war and the now disproven notion that he could continue to get away with undermining his boss.