Reporter Embedded With Trumps For 2 Years Reveals Truth About Their Marriage

New York Times best-seller author Doug Mead recently made some claims that have the Fake News Media crying foul.

It seems as though the marriage of President Trump and his first lady Melania is NOT in trouble, nor should anyone believe the ridiculous claims that Melania is in a loveless marriage, or that she needs saving from Trump.

But who is this Doug Mead? And how would he know?

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In addition to years of experience as a presidential interviewer (he’s interviews six presidents and their wives), he also had an insider’s perspective after having been deeply involved with the Trump’s for two years now.

His version about the truth of Trump’s marriage was much different than the media has been trying to sell.

His thoughts were plainly seen in an editorial he wrote for Fox News:

What I discovered inside the Trump bubble was quite different from what had been reported. No, Melania and Donald were not estranged, they were tender lovers, who playfully teased each other. On almost any subject — North Korea, China, Mueller — the president brought up her name.

Publicly, the whole family talks about what a privilege it is to serve the country, but privately they have no illusions about the horror they are going through. The president sometimes eases the tension by teasing the first lady, saying, sarcastically, with puffed up importance, “Melania, honey, look at this incredible journey I have brought you on.”

“It’s like a joke between them,” Lara Trump told me. “Everyone is attacking all of us and she’s smeared for no reason other than pure jealousy and he says, ‘Hon, isn’t this amazing?’

“And she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, thank you so much.’ “It’s hilarious. I love it.”

That sure sounds like a couple of friends that are joking around with each other, rather than a monster who is controlling a helpless mute.

So is it possible that the President and the first lady actually LIKE each other?

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Rather then letting it go, however, Mead’s editorial was attacked by some who are still trying to push the narrative that Melania is living a lie.

Online leftist news outlet Jezebel even implies that Doug Mead’s perspective is evidence of Fox News being “obligated to give the Trumps as much positive coverage as humanly possible.”

They even claimed that Melania wants Donald Trump dead!

From Jezebel:

Melania Trump is a complex woman: wants to die with her husband, but also wants her husband to die.

Somehow, I highly doubt that.

Just look at the following video where Trump teases Melania in a speech and she laughs lovingly at him.

Does that look like a woman who wants her husband to be dead? Hardly.

But just for fun, let’s say that Melania did hate him, and wanted him to die…does any fool really think that he would keep her around, just to play politics? Highly unlikely.

Trump is a lot of things, but he’s not one to pretend to like someone who hates him.

No, I’d say that if Melania and Donald have made it this far, they will probably make it for many more moons to come, and there’s nothing that the Fake News Media can do about it.

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