REPORT: Trump’s Re-Election Will Be Determined By These 6 States

Democrats and their embrace of radical ideas may have won over the social media mob and will deliver them their usual electoral votes from New York and California but their extremism is well on the way to costing them another national election.

Absent of any leadership with the exception of the borderline senile septuagenarian Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Dems have allowed the most extreme elements of their base to hijack the party by catering to them and their unhinged hatred of President Trump, capitalism and white men in general.

The Green New Deal, Medicare for all, free college tuition, a $15 an hour minimum wage, guaranteed government jobs, and censoring people who disagree with them have won over the so-called Resistance and Hollywood thought leaders but such things horrify and disgust the moderates and swing voters that they desperately need to retake the White House next year.

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Those important swing voters could deal the Democrats another staggering blow if President Trump is able to prevail in six key states and none of them have values that are compatible with those of California that are being championed by the entire 2020 Dem presidential field.

According to a major pro-Trump Super PAC, the election is going to hinge on who can appeal to the concerns of voters in Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

Via The Daily Caller, “Big Money Trump Group: The Road To The White House Is Paved With Just 6 States”:

America First Action, the pro-Trump Super PAC, has identified six key states that they believe will drive President Donald Trump to reelection in 2020.

Senior officials at America First told The Daily Caller in a background briefing Thursday that the organization’s data models show a clear path to Trump victory using “simple math.” The math is contingent on a three-tiered system of states, with Tier 1 being the organization’s primary focus.

The Tier 1 states, also dubbed the “Big Six,” are Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“If he wins those states, he wins the White House,” president Brian Walsh asserted to the Caller.

America First believes Trump can easily secure 164 electoral votes in comfortably red states, such as Alabama and Louisiana. Then, the organization reasons, he needs only another 109 votes to reach a winning 270.

The “Big Six” states deliver 114 electoral votes.

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The plan underscores the left’s war on the Constitution that has the elimination of the Electoral College as its top objective.

The Democrats may be able to rack up millions of votes in areas that are strongholds for the coastal cultural elite like California, New York and urban population centers like Chicago but the brilliance of the Founders to create a system that would allow voters in what is now sneeringly referred to by the left as “flyover country” continues to be a problem for a party that is hugely unpopular outside of its own turf.

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More via The Daily Caller:

In order to win the “Big Six,” the group plans to assist the official Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) but avoid duplicating their efforts. Officials told the Caller that America First’s comparative advantages are the use of its data to target messages to specific voting groups, and of course, its ability to raise money outside of federal election limits.

In order to challenge Trump in the key Rust Belt states that were the killing fields for the doomed Hillary Clinton campaign, the Dems will have to consider whether to throw their weight behind the only two candidates who have a chance – Crazy Bernie and Sleepy Joe – and risk alienating the vast array of competing identity groups that they have cobbled together.

These groups will almost certainly rebel if the process produces another old white dude as the nominee instead of one that rates high on the intersectionality scale such as Kamala Harris or Mayor Pete.

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Even Bernie wouldn’t be a sure thing with swing voters who may embrace some of his ideas but find the socialism that he promotes to be unpalatable.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to cling to conspiracy theories that real people who don’t live in Hollywood, Manhattan or inside the Beltway give a rat’s ass about instead of working to appeal to the broadest section of the electorate with kitchen table issues.

Could it be that the rumbling off in the distance may be a Trumpslide?