REPORT: Only 3% Of Bernie Supporters Have Donated To Biden Campaign

For Democratic operatives who were hoping that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters would glom onto presumptive 2020 nominee Joe Biden’s campaign, they are being sorely disappointed.

A new analysis finds that just 3 percent of former Sanders supporters have donated to Biden’s campaign.

Newsweek, citing a Wall Street Journal report, said that just 60,000 of the 2.2 million people who donated to Sanders have also given money to Biden.

The site adds:

As such, less than 3 percent of Sanders supporters have given to Biden thus far. Six months away from the election, the low percentage suggests that Biden hasn’t made inroads to the Vermont senator’s base despite his overtures to appear receptive to their political needs.

The WSJ went on to estimate that Biden’s campaign could rake in about $41 million if each of the as-yet-untapped Sanders supporters gave him just $19 apiece, which was the average donation to the now-defunct candidate.

Also, because most of Sanders’ supporters made multiple donations to his campaign, the WSJ further estimates that Biden could potential take in a lot more.

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll in November found that 77 percent of Sanders supporters said they’ll cast a ballot for Biden.

But clearly those potential voters aren’t putting their money where their mouths are; a March 2020 Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey found that 40 percent of Sanders supporters “had reservations about supporting” the presumptive Democratic nominee.

What’s also daunting for Biden and his party: President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee have been fundraising juggernauts.

Biden outraised Trump in April by a margin of $43.7 million to $16.9 million, but the president had $107 million left in his war chest at the end of the month and Biden was down to $57 million, NPR noted.

“Also, the Republican National Committee outraised the Democratic National Committee by nearly $12 million during April. While all of those funds won’t go towards Trump, they do suggest a more active Republican base,” Newsweek added.

For its part, liberal Newsweek tried to soften the blow by claiming that you can’t necessarily gauge Democrat support on the amount of money being donated because “dedicated base of supporters often devotes critical time and grassroots work to knock on doors, speak with constituents and turn out voters on election day.”

But GOP supporters do the same thing.

One final note: National polling continues to claim that Biden is ahead of President Trump, but these are the same polls that told us Hillary Clinton was going to blow Trump out.