Report: Joe Biden Gave Alleged Whistleblower A Gift That’s Just Been Exposed

Despite the clampdown on the name of the Deep State “whistleblower,” evidence is piling up that he is a partisan Democrat who received a very special gift from Joe Biden.

The “gift” of being the Vice President’s honored guest at an esteemed international event.

The individual who has been identified as CIA operative Eric Ciaramella by multiple sources is simultaneously the greatest strength and biggest weakness of the illegitimate Democrat impeachment inquiry.

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Witch hunter in chief Adam Schiff has built his entire bogus case on Ciaramella’s treachery and bolstered it with a boatload of disgruntled Deep Staters but he can’t put the millennial dirty trickster up for testimony lest the entire sham be exposed.

Now there is a report that Ciaramella was invited by former vice president to a swanky 2016 affair in Italy at exactly the time when the framing of President Trump for colluding with the Kremlin was being launched.

Via The Washington Examiner, “Alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella was Biden guest at State Department banquet”:

Eric Ciaramella, the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, was a guest of Vice President Joe Biden at a glitzy lunch in October 2016 to honor the prime minister of Italy.

Biden co-hosted the banquet with former Secretary of State John Kerry for then-Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Ciaramella, who is of Italian heritage, was among the U.S. officials who accepted an invitation. This week, the Washington Examiner reported that Ciaramella is now a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council, reporting to the director of national intelligence.

Ciaramella, 33, is listed among dozens of other people who were invited to the October 2016 event hosted by Biden under the category “WH EOVP,” or the White House Executive Office of the Vice President, in an unclassified State Department document released through the Freedom of Information Act. An “A” appears next to his name, indicating he accepted the invitation.

It should be noted that Italy has drawn the interest of AG William Barr along with bulldog prosecutor John Dunham with Barr recently making the trip to Rome to hear a recording by the mysterious professor Joseph Mifsud.

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The invite to the Italian soiree further establishes Ciaramella’s ties to the upper levels of the Obama administration – especially to lunchbucket Joe.

Real Clear Investigations blew the lid off of the impartiality of the “whistleblower” in its bombshell expose that roiled the muddy waters of the swamp.

According to RCI:

Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Also, Ciaramella huddled for “guidance” with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, including former colleagues also held over from the Obama era whom Schiff’s office had recently recruited from the NSC. Schiff is the lead prosecutor in the impeachment inquiry.

And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government. “He knows her. He had her in the White House,” said one former co-worker, who requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.

Thanks to revelations like this, it is abundantly clear why there is such an intense censorship and intimidation campaign to keep Ciaramella’s name under wraps but as the old Watergate saying goes – you can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube. – The Best Collection Of Pro-Trump News On The Planet!