REPORT: Fox News Blasts Trump For ‘Banning’ CNN Reporter, But Look What Obama Did REPEATEDLY

Fox News bashed its former top executives over allegedly “banning” a CNN reporter from attending a White House event, but that is not the full story. These same journalists have also forgotten that former President Barack Obama kicked out at least a dozen reporters while in office, yet they weren’t outraged when he did it.

“We stand in strong solidarity with CNN for the right to full access for our journalists as part of a free and unfettered press,” Fox News president Jay Wallace said late Wednesday, according to New York Post.

On Wednesday, White House communications director Bill Shine was criticized for “banning” CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from attending an event in the Rose Garden after a reported “issue” in the Oval Office.

The White House said Collins rudely shouted questions about Michael Cohen and Russia, which reportedly interrupted the entire event between President Donald Trump and European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. After what the White House described as disrespectful behavior, Shine told Collins that she could not attend the event, but any other reporter from CNN could.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was also present when Shine spoke to Collins, said in a statement that the CNN reporter shouted questions and refused to leave after she was told to stop hijacking the event. Sanders said Collins was told she could not attend the event, but that anyone else from the network could.

Collins and CNN portrayed the event as an attack on the First Amendment and that she was banned from the White House. And, Collins herself told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on-air that CNN wasn’t barred from the event, and that she was told, “We’re not banning your network. Your photographers can still come. Your producers can still come. But you are not invited to the Rose Garden today.”

Here’s the clip of the incident, where the exchange with Collins begins around the 1:20 mark:

Despite CNN’s outrage over being punished for trying to disrupt an event with two leaders, the liberal media hardly mentioned that Obama threw out many reporters. In one case, Blitzer praised Obama for tossing out a reporter who was being “rude.”

In a series of tweets, a Twitter user named “Rosie” went to great lengths to expose the abuses perpetuated by the Obama administration against reporters:

Here’s Blitzer praising Obama for tossing a reporter for being rude:

The contrast between how liberals treat themselves and conservatives is downright disgusting, and their hypocrisy is on full display.

These same media outlets and liberal pundits praised Obama and hardly took any issue when his administration banned reporters, blocked Fox News from covering the White House, and had reporters removed.

Yet, when the Trump White House politely tells a rude CNN journalist she cannot attend an event — after she hijacked one in the Oval Office — but anyone else from her massive company can, the media immediately calls the president an authoritarian who attacks the free press.

Reporters are so determined to confront Trump that they can’t even attend an event with two leaders and act respectful.

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