REPORT: An Additional 3,300 Migrants Arrive In Tijuana; Heading Towards USA Border

According to Breitbart, over 3,000 more Central American migrants have reached Mexico’s northern border and they are headed towards the US/Mexico border.

Earlier this week, President Trump officially changed the asylum rules in order to deter the caravan, but it appears that strategy has not discouraged them from continuing their journey.

POLL: Should Trump use military force to STOP the migrant caravan?

It is unknown exactly how many more migrants are following them, but it’s clear that this overflow of migrants may soon become too overwhelming for border patrol.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Nearly 3,300 additional Central American caravan migrants arrived at the Mexican northern border city of Tijuana on Saturday, authorities in Mexico stated.

Approximately 3,292 migrants are expected to arrive in the border city of Tijuana today according to the El Instituto Nacional de Migración known as INM according to local media reports. These are in addition to those previously reported arrivals.

The migrant caravan with approximately 3,300 migrants was expected to arrive in Tijuana this morning according to the Mexican government agency tasked with tracking human migration (INM). The caravan reportedly traveled north through the state of Sinaloa yesterday toward the northern border state of Sonora. The group took nearly the same route as previous caravan groups, officials stated.

POLL: Should Trump use military force to STOP the migrant caravan?

Earlier this week, several Mexican news agencies released footage showing the first group of migrants reaching the United States-Mexico border.

Watch below:

Footage released by Televisa Tijuana Oficial and FRONTERA identify Central American migrants reportedly with the caravan seen scaling a border fence that separates Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, California.

Watch more footage below:

Breitbart reported the first Caravan to arrive at the border is estimated to have roughly 7,000 to 10,000 Central Americans.

POLL: Should Trump use military force to STOP the migrant caravan?

Several other images have surfaced showing the same group of migrants reaching and some climbing southern border fences separating the Mexican / American border.

Mark Krikorian Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, posted this photo via twitter saying:

“The first wave of the caravan (which we were assured wouldn’t arrive for weeks), climbing onto the border fence between Tijuana & San Diego. (Photo posted then deleted by @rebeccaplevin.)”

At the end of October, President Trump and the Pentagon activated over 5,ooo National Guardsman in anticipation of the Caravan’s arrival.

However, the activation’s were broken up throughout several states.